4 My Hero Academia characters that Ochako Uraraka can beat (and 4 she cannot)

My Hero Academia fans should never underestimate this scrappy fighter (Image via Studio Bones)
My Hero Academia fans should never underestimate this scrappy fighter (Image via Studio Bones)

Ochako Uraraka may have an underdog status in My Hero Academia, but she can definitely hold her own in a fight.

Ochako significantly improved her combat skills during her time at U.A. High School. Whether it's her martial arts skills or the Zero Gravity Quirk, she is quite formidable in close quarters. Keep in mind that she placed third in the U.A. Entrance Exam, which is rather impressive.

This article will take a look at which characters Ochako can and cannot beat in My Hero Academia.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views and contains huge spoilers from the manga.

My Hero Academia characters that Ochako Uraraka can beat

4) Mina Ashido


Ochako Uraraka would have to be careful going up against Mina Ashido. In order to activate her Quirk, Ochako needs direct contact with her fingertips. Mina can easily prevent this by using Acidman, which covers her entire body with a corrosive substance.

Of course, Ochako is among the more intelligent students in My Hero Academia. She could use her Zero Gravity to launch several objects at Mina. The latter might not dodge a Meteor Storm if she is distracted. Ochako can also use Comet Home Run to knock Mina out with enough force.

3) Momo Yaoyorozu


Momo Yaoyorozu can rely on her Creation Quirk for various support items. However, as seen in her Sports Festival match against Fumikage Tokoyami, Momo doesn't have the reflexes to react under pressure.

If Momo somehow creates enough debris by using large cannons, Ochako Uraraka could use her Zero Gravity Quirk on the rubble. This would allow her to hit Momo with everything she has. Alternatively, Ochako can also simply touch Momo for an instant victory.

2) Itsuka Kendo


Itsuka Kendo mainly relies on her Big Fist for physical damage. She also greatly excels in close-quarter combat, as seen in the Joint Training arc.

However, Kendo is at a severe disadvantage against Ochako Uraraka simply because she needs to be within touching distance. Ochako can easily use Zero Gravity to suspend Kendo in the air. She can also use nearby debris for some distractions.

1) Himiko Toga


My Hero Academia fans have been patiently waiting for a fight between Himiko Toga and Ochako Uraraka.

Toga is certainly a more dangerous fighter, especially after the Paranormal Liberation War. Dabi gave her some of Twice's blood, which should prove useful for her Transformation abilities.

This is going to be an extremely difficult match for Ochako. Toga can pretty much use the same Quirk as hers.

Interestingly, there is a way Ochako can potentially catch Toga off guard. During their second fight in the Paranormal Liberation War, the hero made the villain cry after a heartfelt conversation.

In their final matchup, Ochako would have to reason with Toga, pretty much the same way Naruto used Talk No Jutsu in his own series. This is a battle she would have to win through the mind. At the very least, Ochako might find the opening she needs, but it definitely won't be easy.

My Hero Academia characters that Ochako Uraraka cannot beat

4) Katsuki Bakugo


These students have already faced off during the Sports Festival arc. Ochako Uraraka intended to use Meteor Storm to catch Katsuki Bakugo off guard. However, he simply blasted away the debris with his explosions. Ochako didn't have enough stamina to continue and fainted shortly afterward.

Several arcs later, Bakugo has become even stronger with his massive explosions. There is no way that Ochako would even get close to him.

3) Nejire Hado


Nejire Hado is part of the Big Three, a collection of U.A. students whose power surpasses most Pro Heroes. The Wave Motion Quirk requires her to have intense stamina and durability. Right away, she has a physical advantage in this fight.

Not many characters in My Hero Academia can fly like Nejire can. She can easily maintain great distances from Ochaco Uraraka, all while blasting her with powerful shockwaves.

2) Shota Aizawa


Erasure is a very functional Quirk in My Hero Academia. It allows Shota Aizawa to nullify his opponents' Quirks just by looking at them. As such, he would get rid of Ochako Uraraka's Zero Gravity right away.

While Ochako does possess martial arts skills, Aizawa has a long-range advantage. He prefers to use his Capture Weapon to constrict his foes.

1) Rumi Usagiyama


The Rabbit Hero is among the strongest Pro Heroes in the state of Japan. Her immense strength and quick reflexes allowed her to fight several Nomu during the Paranormal Liberation War. Not many heroes can say that in My Hero Academia, let alone Uraraka Ochako.

Mirko would simply be too fast for Ochako to catch up with. The latter doesn't have enough durability to endure a single powerful kick.

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