My Hero Academia chapter 342: Midoriya and Uraraka have a conversation, the operation begins

Uraraka and Midoriya share their views on villains (Image via Shonen Jump)
Uraraka and Midoriya share their views on villains (Image via Shonen Jump)

The preparation for the second war seems to have been finished in My Hero Academia chapter 342. The chapter focuses on Class 1-A as they move out of U.A. and into a new facility. All for One’s plans are somewhat hinted at, and more details about his network of spies have come to light.

The manga was on a break last week and fans were not disappointed with the number of things that happened in this chapter. However, the questions from the last few chapters were not properly answered.

Several new developments took place, and fans got an insight into the inner thoughts of Midoriya and his friends.

[Major spoilers ahead for My Hero Academia chapter 342]

Class 1-A moves out of U.A. in My Hero Academia chapter 342

My Hero Academia chapter 341 focused on the villains, especially Dabi, Toga, and Spinner. Dabi burnt down Toga’s childhood home to set her free from the horrible memories she had of that house. They planned to continue the Sad Man’s Parade with the vial of Twice’s blood that Dabi had retrieved.

Elsewhere, Shigaraki was seen going through his development in isolation. AFO and Skeptic handed a small device to a worried Spinner. AFO’s followers and nomus assembled in a room and the Sludge Villain from chapter 1 was seen amongst them.

My Hero Academia chapter 342 is titled “The calm before the storm.”

AFO’s spies

My Hero Academia chapter 342 begins inside U.A. where one civilian tells another that they have new orders from AFO. The heroes are aware that Shigaraki will be completed within the week and they want to keep the masses unaware of their own dwindling numbers. AFO’s order is to create an unrest that will force Midoriya Izuku out of U.A. grounds.

The next day, these spies hear civilians talk about how the heroes had announced that they will be moving against Shigaraki within four days. The U.A. authorities ask everyone to remain calm and trust their heroes, especially when the emergency evacuation process begins.

Class 1-A is seen leaving the premises. The spies rejoice that their plan will be automatically fulfilled since Midoriya is leaving the safety of the U.A. grounds.

Class 1-A leaves U.A.

Class 1-A returns from their search and worries about having to move around so much. Midoriya wishes he had some time to have a talk with Uraraka, whom he has not yet thanked for her speech.

All Might comes to visit them with Tsukauchi and Principal Nezu. They deliver some news about Aoyama, but also to inform them about the final plan for the second war. Only a few people are allowed to hear this plan.

My Hero Academia chapter 342 then shows Hawks, Ragdoll, and Best Jeanist discussing a plan with Endeavor, who looks at a wad of papers pensively. Aizawa visits Kurogiri in his facility and Aoyama is still in solitary confinement.

Back at the dorms, Midoriya, Bakugou, and Todoroki look shocked after hearing the final plan.

The next day Class 1-A bids temporary farewell to their families and moves into a new facility called Troy, 30 kilometers away from U.A. High. While this facility is less secure than their dorms, it is built to withstand some force.

The students have their individual rooms here. Midoriya spots Uraraka from the window of his room and rushes out to talk to her.

Midoriya and Uraraka’s talk

Midoriya thanks Uraraka, who brushes it off. She tells him that she is a little odd because when she was giving her speech, she thought of Toga. When they fought during Gigantomachia’s attack, Uraraka had answered Toga’s question about doing the right thing with what she believed to be correct at the time. However, now she has doubts over her own conviction.

She is out here looking at the destroyed city and all the havoc caused by the villains to keep herself from wanting to know more about Toga’s point of view.

Midoriya replies that he understands her point, because he wants to save the little child trapped inside Shigaraki Tomura. Uraraka says that perhaps they are both odd.

Iida, Kirishima, and Bakugou visit Todoroki’s room to check on him, but he assures them that he is alright. Iida says that he understands how his friend feels since he has an elder brother as well, but Todoroki replies that he can’t compare them at all.

Iida is close to his brother while he doesn’t know anything about Touya, not even his likes and dislikes. Bakugou jokes that Touya must like hot Udon. Todoroki laughs and replies that if it happens to be the case, he would have liked to share a meal with his brother.

AFO holds a device similar to the one he gave Spinner and says “Let’s get started." The narration states that the operation begins today.

Final thoughts

It is clear from My Hero Academia chapter 342 that AFO has more spies than just Aoyama. Overall, Horikoshi seems to have set up three future confrontations with this chapter: Uraraka and Toga, Midoriya and Shigaraki, and the Todoroki brothers.

Hopefully, chapter 343 will shed more light on AFO’s operation. My Hero Academia chapter 342 will be officially released on February 6, and can be read on Manga Plus, Viz, and the Shonen Jump App.