Dragon Ball fandom celebrates Toriyama and Toyotaro parting ways only to get trolled later

Fake news debunked as Toriyama continues to work on the series (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fake news debunked as Toriyama continues to work on the series (Image via Sportskeeda)

There is no doubt that Dragon Ball is one of the most popular shonen anime and manga series of all time. It has inspired many people who grew up watching this, and it has inspired other mangakas like Masashi Kishimoto who is the creator of the Naruto series. Over the past few hours, a good chunk of the fanbase thought that Akira Toriyama was no longer part of the Dragon Ball series and that Toyotaro would be taking charge.

It was surprising to see that many fans were happy with the fact that Toyotaro would be working with Yoshitaka, the manga artist of Super Dragon Ball Heroes and not with the creator of the series. However, it was later debunked as fake news and the die-hard Dragon Ball fans were relieved to hear this. Let’s take a look at the fake news that was spread and how the entire fanbase reacted to this.

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Fake news had the entire fanbase worried over Toriyama’s absence in the upcoming arc of Dragon Ball Super

Toriyama is the reason why this series has enjoyed a level of success that very few manga series have managed in the past two decades. This shonen anime and manga series served as a gateway to anime to most fans who grew up watching this series during the late ‘90s and the early 2000s. Numerous films and videogames have been released, which only added to the ever-growing popularity of the series.

Fans had all the reasons to be upset with the information that was making the rounds on social media platforms like Twitter. Many fans continue to criticize Dragon Ball Super owing to the way the plot was progressing and the animation quality. However, this series is far better than Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Now, assuming that the information was right, this meant that Toriyama would no longer be working with Toyotaro, and the latter would work with the creator of a series that has been heavily criticized by a good chunk of the fanbase.

However, fans can breathe a sigh of relief since the information was fake and those who celebrated it will have to come to terms with the fact that the original creator will continue working on the current series.

It's only natural that the fanbase is hostile towards those who spread misinformation. Stating that Akira Toriyama would no longer be working on Dragon Ball Super would have drastic consequences on the overall quality and execution of the series. He, more than anyone else, understands the essence of the series. That being said, the series certainly has its flaws that need to be worked on and the fanbase would like an improvement in the overall quality of the series. Some fans seem to have had a bit of a mixed reaction towards Toriyama continuing his work with Toyotaro.

While some fans continue to blame Troiyama for the Granolah arc not being on par with some of the better story arcs, one fan stated that he isn't taking control of the entire process and that he advises Toyotaro a little on the plot. That being said, it has now been confirmed that the information was fake, which sparked a ton of heated debates on Twitter.

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