Dragon Ball finally gives Yamcha the love of his life in latest episode

After several years, Yamcha finally has something to be excited about (Image via Toei Animation)
After several years, Yamcha finally has something to be excited about (Image via Toei Animation)

Ever since the Saiyan arc of Dragon Ball Z, author and illustrator Akira Toriyama’s world-famous anime and manga franchise has made Yamcha the target of its jokes. While fans have undoubtedly contributed heavily to further turning Yamcha into the franchise’s undying joke, the canon material itself has also helped create this status quo.

However, the latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes could be the franchise’s first genuine step and effort towards giving the weakest of the human Z-Fighters a break. The latest episodes of the promotional anime series introduced antagonist Vidro, who has seemingly begun to turn face and work with the forces of good.

This was taken to a completely new level when Vidro asked Yamcha, while the two were fighting against Chilled together, to marry her once their fight was over. With this, it seems that Yamcha and his life are finally on an upswing.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime gives Yamcha a break from bullying with an unexpected marriage

How Yamcha meets the love of his life, explained

The latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes saw fans meet Yamcha and Vidro as they continued their fight against Chilled. Vidro is the multiverse’s last survivor from Planet Glass and has been a relatively key character during the series’ current Ultra god Mission.

As the two were about to launch a joint attack following an impressive outing as a tag team, Vidro turned to Yamcha and suggested they get married. Yamcha was initially stunned by this, staring wide-eyed at Vidro without a response. Unfortunately, fans don’t get to see Yamcha’s response to the proposition in the latest episode.

It’s an interesting development that the Dragon Ball franchise seems to be treating as a legitimate plot based on the duo's interactions throughout the episode. Yamcha not giving a response to Vidro's proposition further suggests this.

It is also important to consider that Vidro is such a new character to the series that there’s no real reason to make a gag plotline part of her introduction. This is especially true after having her and Yamcha team up against Chilled, solidifying both of them as capable fighters. With this essentially being the only caveat to becoming a mainstay in the promotional anime series, the legitimacy of this marriage storyline is further cemented.

Such a plot line would also give Yamcha something to do in the promotional series. While the entire point of Super Dragon Ball Heroes is that anything can happen, there are some enemies Yamcha simply won’t be helpful against. However, if he has a tag-team partner who greatly compliments him, the series can get the two of them more involved in future fights.

Unfortunately, this is all somewhat speculative, as it is not yet confirmed that Yamcha intends to marry Vidro. However, such a choice would only be a net positive for a character whose involvement in the series and reputation amongst fans has been on a steady decline for decades.

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