Haikyuu!: Hinata’s receive in Season 4 changed the game forever

Never tell Hinata what he can and cannot do (Image via Haruichi Furudate / Shueisha / Viz Media)
Never tell Hinata what he can and cannot do (Image via Haruichi Furudate / Shueisha / Viz Media)

Shoyu Hinata truly defies logical convention with everything he does in Haikyuu! This Karasuno High player doesn't let his short height get to him. Instead, he works very hard to achieve his goals in Haikyuu! He is someone who always perseveres in the face of conflict. Perhaps there is no greater defining moment than his perfect receive in the fourth season of the anime.

For reference, this article will be citing the 22nd episode, also titled, "Pitons." Hinata's main contributions are more than just his speed and power. His profound belief in himself is what inspires his teammates to carry on.

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Hinata's receive in the fourth season carries great significance in Haikyuu!

Some prior context


The Spring Tournament is what determines the very best high school teams in the state of Japan. Inarazaki High proved to be very dangerous.

Inarazaki High's Aran Ojiro is among the most talented spikers ever seen in Haikyuu! More often than not, he can send the ball flying over triple blocks. Aran doesn't even need a good receive to deliver a spike. For that reason, he is also considered among the top-five players in the country.

Karasuno High was set to play against Inarazaki during the second round of the Spring Tournament. Understandably, emotions were running very high in this match. Several former rival teams were also watching this match closely. Some of them were even rooting for Karasuno High.

Hinata makes a perfect receive


Kei Tsukishima attempted to block Osamu Miya. However, the Inarizaki player switched into a set at the last moment, passing the ball so Aran could spike it. Shockingly, Hinata did what nobody ever believed he possibly could. He performed a perfect receive on Aran's spike.

Even Tobio Kageyama told him that it was a nice move. Keep in mind that Hinata often has trouble getting a proper receive. He always needed help from another teammate in Haikyuu! For the first time in what seemed like forever, Hinata shifted the momentum in his favor.

Karasuno High wasn't able to capitalize on the receive as Inarizaki scored a point shortly afterward. Regardless, Hinata's enthusiasm is what saved the game. Their spirits were almost completely shattered, yet he was able to boost their confidence. His teammates were happy because he was happy.

Hinata's move singlehandedly changed the game


After a long and grueling battle, Karasuno High would finally overcome its fierce rivals. Osamu and Atsumu Miya were just about to deliver their patented quick attack for the final point. However, in the nick of time, Hinata and Kageyama managed to block it and scored the winning point.

Karasuno High came a long way from its crushing loss to Aoba Johsai High. This ranks highly among the most intense moments in Haikyuu! Karasuno High would eventually move onto the third round of the Spring Tournament.

Had it not been for Hinata's earlier receive against Aran, perhaps his team would've never made it this far. His eternal optimism truly shined through in a very dark moment. In the series, Hinata never gave up on his dreams. Despite his limitations, he still pulled through in the end.

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