How strong is Ultra Instinct Master Roshi in Dragon Ball?

Master Roshi (Image via Toei Animation)
Master Roshi (Image via Toei Animation)

Dragon Ball Super has pushed the previously understood limits of power with the introduction of new transformations such as Ultra Instinct. This transformation is the culmination of achieving a highly advanced mental state and succeeding in the completion of Autonomous Ultra Instinct.

The new form is said to embue the user with divine ki, something extremely difficult for even gods to accomplish. This is considered to be the peak form that a martial artist can reach.

When using the legendary technique, each and every part of the user's body is able to think and move independently. This is opposed to normal movements, when the command travels from the brain to the nervous system.

Can Master Roshi use Ultra Instinct?


Due to his many years of martial arts experience, Master Roshi was able to master a similar but not quite as advanced technique for automatic movement.

Even while blindfolded, he can anticipate the tactics and attack patterns of his foes, allowing him to smoothly evade harm. This resulted in Beerus' belief that Master Roshi was using the technique. At that point, Whis declared that Master Roshi was the closest mortal to mastering the transformation, despite being unaware of it.


In many ways, Master Roshi's ability to automatically dodge attacks without thinking is comparable to the way Goku used the technique.

Roshi has been training his body for a lot longer than Goku, so it makes sense that the Dragon Ball protagonist's mentor was able to grasp the basics of the technique. The only reason why Roshi hasn't truly mastered the technique is that he hasn't been taught about it or trained to use it.


Although Master Roshi has not yet achieved Perfected Ultra Instinct, he appeared to use Autonomous Ultra Instinct when fighting Kahseral, Jiren, and the trio of Miza, Iwaza and Kikaza.

However, the ability Master Roshi used in these battles was actually called Principles of Ultra Instinct. Therefore, he technically cannot use the true form of the technique.


Despite failing to achieve any of the officially listed forms of this transformation, Master Roshi is extremely close. He was able to implement the most crucial aspects of the technique by reacting almost automatically to incoming attacks during the Tournament of Power.

Perhaps Whis will offer tutelage to Master Roshi as an acknowledgment of his capabilities and talent. Considering his progress thus far, it likely wouldn't take Master Roshi long to reach the Autonomous and Perfected forms of the transformation.

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