Hunter X Hunter: Gon's 10 most impressive fights, ranked

Fanart of Gon Freecss in 'Hunter X Hunter' (Image via Instagram/NeimanWardCreative)
Fanart of Gon Freecss in 'Hunter X Hunter' (Image via Instagram/NeimanWardCreative)

Gon Freecss has had many fights in Hunter X Hunter. Gon would never give up, even if his opponent outclassed him in every way possible. He would spend time trying to understand his opponents' fighting styles and thought patterns and adapt accordingly. However, when Gon could do nothing to win the fight, he would take the loss as a learning opportunity.

10 fights in Hunter X Hunter where Gon was impressive

1) Gon vs Neferpitou


This iconic moment in Hunter X Hunter was less of a fight and more of a one-sided slaughter. As a result of the massive boost in power Gon received, he was able to absolutely demolish Pitou. He killed Pitou by smashing their head with multiple punches.

Since Pitou was one of the strongest chimera ants, second only to King Meruem. They were also incredibly durable, capable of taking direct attacks from Meruem and Netero without any damage. Gon killing Pitou effortlessly established 'Adult Gon' as one of the strongest characters in Hunter X Hunter.

2) Gon vs Hisoka


This fight was highly anticipated ever since the earlier episodes of Hunter X Hunter. Gon stole Hisoka's badge during the Badge Get event and attempted to return it later. However, Hisoka told Gon he would accept it only if Gon could land a punch on him during their fight in Heavens Arena. Ever since then, Gon's main goal has been to get stronger in order to successfully hit Hisoka.

This fight represents the culmination of Gon's hard work in learning the basics of Nen. The choreography was amazing and the animation was fluid. When Gon finally hit Hisoka, fans were ecstatic.

3) Gon vs Genthru


This Hunter X Hunter fight was incredibly intense. After finding out Genthru was the Bomber, Gon decided to take him on. He had been studying and practicing Nen with Killua and Bisky for some time and felt he was ready for the challenge.

He almost lost both of his hands and was in incredible pain. However, he was able to push through and take Genthru down in the end.

4) Gon vs Knuckle Bine


Although Gon was efficient in the basics of Nen and had developed his own Nen abilities, he was no match for a master like Knuckle. Many of Gon's attacks were easily countered by Knuckle, and Gon was simply overwhelmed. In the end, Killua carries Gon away and tells Knuckle they can fight again tomorrow.

This fight was also the moment when Gon named his Nen ability Jajanken.

5) Gon vs Hanzo


Fans saw firsthand how stubborn Gon truly is during this fight. Even after having his arm broken and facing the possibility of death, Gon never surrendered. He was determined to defeat Hanzo and not be the one to surrender first.

Winning this fight opened an incredible amount of doors for Gon. It allowed him to finally learn about Nen’s existence and explore the world.

6) Gon vs Gido (Round 1)


Gido was one of the top fighters in Heavens Arena and is proficient in Nen. At this point, Gon had barely grasped the basics of Nen, so he was unable to fend off Gido's various Nen-based attacks. The beating Gon received served as a learning moment for him, and he ended up fighting Gido again two months later after recovering and doing Nen training.

7) Gon vs Baro


The armadillo-like chimera ant, Baro, was a real handful for Gon during this fight. His high speed prevented Gon from tracking him effectively, and it allowed him to crash into him with a great amount of force on each attack. However, Gon was able to adapt to Baro's fighting style and eventually captured him.

8) Gon vs Centipede


This fight was significant since it was where Kite witnessed Gon's abilities. It was also one of the only instances in Hunter X Hunter where fans get to see Jajanken: Scissors.

The Nen sword Gon made with his 'Scissors' technique cut through Centipede like a knife through butter. The chimera ant even expressed immense shock when he realized what had happened to him.

9) Gon vs Gido (Rematch)


After two months of hard work, Gon was ready to fight Gido in a rematch. Going into this fight, Gon had a much better understanding of Nen. This time, he was ready for Gido's Nen attacks and even seemed to have made a strategy prior to the match.

He easily defeats Gido with the help of his trusty fishing pole and finally establishes himself as a proficient Nen user.

10) Gon vs Riehlvelt


This fight was quite underwhelming compared to Gon's other fights in Heavens Arena. He had the upper hand against Riehlvelt the entire time and even toyed with him towards the end. However, this Hunter X Hunter fight scene did a nice job showcasing Gon's immense physical capabilities.