Is the Kagurabachi protagonist inspired by One Piece's Zoro? Similarity explained

Kagurabachi manga panel (Image via Takeru Hokazono)
Kagurabachi manga panel (Image via Takeru Hokazono)

Kagurabachi had the manga world humming with anticipation even before it was released and with good reason. It was expected to provide something new to the manga industry as a part of Weekly Shonen Jump's JUMP NEXTWAVE initiative. Fans were chatting about Chihiro Rokuhira, the protagonist, more than the story or the artwork, though.

Fans have been comparing Chihiro's appearance to several popular characters, such as Guts from Berserk and Tanjiro from Demon Slayer. However, one similarity that struck out the most is the Straw Hat's vice-captain Zoro from One Piece.

These two individuals, who have a deep connection with the world of swords, tempt fans to investigate the fascinating similarities between them and the potential of the new manga series.

Disclaimer: This article will contain spoilers for anime and character fates mentioned therein. The opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

Exploring the connection: Chihiro of Kagurabachi and Zoro of One Piece

In Kagurabachi, fans first meet Chihiro, a budding swordsman who spends his days honing his craft under the direction of his accomplished father. Chihiro's ambition is to become a skilled swordsman in his own right, much like his father. This goal establishes the course of his quest and is reminiscent of Zoro's resolve to perfect his mastery of the sword as a vow to his childhood companion Kunia.

Chihiro and Zoro have a lot in common, including how tragedy has affected both of their lives. In Kagurabachi, Chihiro's world is shattered by a horrific incident that left him with a burning desire for vengeance. Similarly, Zoro's history is damaged by a terrible run-in with a formidable foe that prompts him to swear allegiance to Monkey D. Luffy and join the Straw Hat Pirates. The topic of personal tragedy and the ensuing quest for retribution or justice serves as an effective inspiration in the stories of both protagonists.

Another remarkable similarity between the two personalities is their constant dead-on seriousness and composure under pressure. Zoro is renowned for maintaining his cool and confidence, even in the heat of battle. His calmness acts as a mirror to Chihiro's grim emotions.

One Piece and Kagurabachi are both renowned for their thrilling sword fights. Chihiro's voyage is expected to have similarly fierce and exhilarating sword-fighting action as Zoro's battles, which have become legendary in the One Piece world. Readers may anticipate exciting confrontations that highlight Chihiro's development as a swordsman as he sharpens his abilities and seeks revenge.

What to expect from Kagurabachi Manga chapter one

The first chapter of Kagurabachi opens with a flashback showing Chihiro and his father Kinishige jointly forging katanas. Chihiro mentions that his father is one of the most talented swordsmiths in the trade and that his katanas are likewise crafted in a distinctive manner.

When Kinshige is at his forge creating katanas, he is a serious individual, but as soon as he exits the forge, he turns into a goofy father who frequently makes jokes with Chihiro. The most obvious manifestation of his weirdness is the fact that Kinshige routinely consults his fish for counsel.

Kinshige purchased three fish from the market, believing that the redfish brings good fortune, the black fish wards off evil, and the third fish is only attractive and may one day be appetizing.

Afterward, Mr. Shiba, Kinshige's friend from the Seitei battle 15 years prior, reveals that Kinshige took part in the conflict and that his special swords contributed to its final resolution. Kinshige is now content with his life alongside Chichiro, though, since the latter aspires to be the best swordsmith much like him, and they both feel happy in the little world they have built together.

Thirty-eight months later, Chihiro is spotted on a train with Shiba. He has changed; he now appears imposing and has a deep scar over his left eye. Death is in his eyes as he carries his father's Katana and is out for vengeance.

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