‘Komi Can’t Communicate’ Episode 12: Amidst cultural festival, Tadano’s heart stirs

Komi and Tadano, along with Najimi, Yamai, and Agari (Image via OLM)
Komi and Tadano, along with Najimi, Yamai, and Agari (Image via OLM)

The last episode of Komi Can’t Communicate finally aired, bringing an end to Season 1. The episode is a continuation of the cultural festival even as shenanigans and hijinks ensue.

Najimi becomes a continuous source of comedy, and for those who enjoy the romance in the show, Episode 12 also showcases some adorable moments between Komi and Tadano.

‘Komi Can’t Communicate’ Episode 12 highlights

The final episode of Komi Can’t Communicate picks up where Episode 11 ends, with the Itan High School Cultural Festival in full swing. The usual snippet-like sequences are replaced by a constant narrative as the episode follows Komi, Tadano, and Najimi around the school as they enjoy the various activities.

Maid cafe shenanigans

This does not mean a dearth of shenanigans, though, as the episode opens with Najimi using their superb social skills to attract more customers to their maid cafe, using various tactics including what they called the “Komi snowball effect”.

However, they take things a little too far, and the homeroom teacher punishes Najimi, having them dragged away by the meditation club.

But this is not before Najimi gets the bright idea to force Komi to participate in the Confession event, where participants have to stand on the roof and declare secrets or proclaim their crushes out to everyone gathered below.

Najimi suggests Komi say something to advertise their maid cafe, but Komi ends up saying “meow” instead of “maid”. She ends up almost fainting from her nerves, with Tadano and Najimi running to her rescue.

Komi attempts the Confessions event (Image via YouTube)
Komi attempts the Confessions event (Image via YouTube)

An oblivious Tadano’s heart stirs


Tadano and Komi walk down the hallway with everyone staring at Komi, and when she asks Tadano why, he blithely says it’s because she looks cute in her outfit and glasses. He does not realize her embarrassment as she fidgets and blushes, and Onimine arrives to save the awkward duo, smacking Tadano for being so dense.

She then invites the two to go around with Otori and her, but Otori disappears, only for them to find her sitting happily in a wastepaper bin.

They walk around, enjoying the various events as several other characters, including Yadano, Yamai, and Netsuno, make appearances. They finally decide to check out the school band performance from a corridor window, only to realize that the band seemed to be playing heavy metal.

Tadano’s feelings being realized (Image via YouTube)
Tadano’s feelings being realized (Image via YouTube)

Tadano looks at Komi, wondering if she would be alright going down into the crowd, and she catches his gaze, making him blush. Tadano wonders to himself why his heart was racing, and this seems to be the moment of reckoning as Tadano first becomes aware of how he might feel for her.

Slow dancing and karaoke

As the cultural festival finally ends, the grand prize winner is announced. Class 1-1 wins but has to forfeit the prize due to Najimi’s questionable business advertising.

The dance party begins and Tadano, sensing Komi’s excitement and constant glances towards him, shyly asks if she wants to dance with him. She, of course, agrees.


They share a moment, with both blushing, until Najimi crashes in, breaking their bubble. It ends with the three of them holding hands and dancing together.

They go for karaoke, and Najimi establishes an “everyone has to sing one song” rule. Komi gets increasingly nervous as her turn approaches and is finally unable to sing, even though her classmates still cheer enthusiastically.

Ironically, it is the ending theme of the series that is the track playing.

Then, it is Tadano’s turn, and he gets a little disheartened, realizing that no one is listening. But then he sees Komi cheering quietly, shaking a pair of maracas to the beat, and launches into a motivated performance.

Najimi then suggests all three of them sing together, and as they do, the opening theme of Komi Can’t Communicate begins to play in the background.


The episode ends with the main character making a list of all the friends she has made this term, beginning with Tadano.

‘Komi Can’t Communicate’ Season 2 announcement

The announcement for the anime’s second season comes with an ‘omake’ at the end of the credits. Komi stands before the camera with a page saying “to be continued”.

The students of Class 1-1 watch with bated breath, erupting into cheers as the titular character speaks haltingly, asking the viewers to look forward to the next season. Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 will begin airing in April 2022.