Naruto: Letting Sasuke train Boruto was Naruto's masterstroke with surprising results

Boruto, Sasuke and Naruto (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Boruto, Sasuke and Naruto (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the sequel to Naruto, is regarded as one of the most popular shonen of all time, focusing on the adventures of the previous protagonist's son. Although the anime started off slow, the latest episodes of the franchise have rekindled huge excitement among fans of both the anime and manga. In this regard, the special teacher-student relationship between Sasuke and Boruto deserves a special mention.

Ever since the anime started airing, we saw how Naruto, who has now become the Seventh Hokage of Konoha, was too caught up in performing his duties. This left him in a position of being unable to meet the companionship that the son had wanted from his father. On the other hand, Sasuke, who has now become the Shadow Hokage, eventually fulfills the role of being a mentor to Boruto.

Many fans were confused as to why Naruto’s successor would get influenced by his eternal rival. But not only does it make perfect sense, but letting Sasuke train Boruto was a masterstroke from Naruto. Let’s see why.

Sasuke training Boruto is the best for the new protagonist

Two geniuses looking at each other

The legendary Uchiha willingly decided to train the protagonist for multiple reasons. Besides seeing something special inside Boruto, Sasuke is the perfect jigsaw piece that fits and enables the former to understand his father more.

The son notices from an early age that Naruto is unable to meet his fatherly duties due to the other responsibilities that are now bestowed upon him. This brews a kind of hatred towards his father as a young child who also wishes to acquire unconquerable strength.


But his hunger for power initially landed him in the wrong hands when the anime started. This took place when he resorted to using Ninja Tools under the influence of Katasuke during his Chunin Exams.

And this is where Sasuke becomes the perfect mentor for the young child. Being one of the strongest shinobi in existence who matches Naruto in strength, Sasuke is undoubtedly the best influence on Boruto since he mends his ways and embeds in him the value of real training.

Rasengan, known as a Rank-A ninjutsu technique and the high form of keitai henka. However Boruto in age 12/13 has created 3 different rasengans:- Vanishing Rasengan- Wind Style Rasengan- Compressed Rasengan I don't know what you think but Boruto is literally a ninja genius🔥

To make matters more interesting, fans see that Boruto combines the Lightning Style with the Rasengan, which gives birth to his original jutsu, the Vanishing Rasengan. This feat even surprised Sasuke, who realizes the hidden potential within the kid. Also, being one of the most proficient users of the Lightning Release, there is no doubt that Sasuke makes the perfect teacher for the young shinobi.

Sasuke: worried sensei mode activated

Sasuke is the perfect companion for Boruto to understand Naruto

do you ever go crazy about the fact that this naruto and sasuke dialogue is canon

There is no one better than Sasuke who understands Naruto the most. The two shinobis, who grew up with a tragic past and hated each other, eventually ended up sharing a priceless bond of friendship.

Boruto, who doesn’t completely understand Naruto’s ways yet, becomes the perfect pupil since Sasuke can bridge the gap between the two characters. The latter effectively helps the young protagonist understand Naruto much more than he did initially, helping him to understand the struggles that his father overcame.

Sasuke is the best teacher for Boruto’s dojutsu

Boruto’s dojutsu, known as the Jougan, is really special in its abilities as it bears a connection with the Otsutsuki clan. Sasuke, who has mastered the Rinne-Sharingan and has already faced many such celestial beings, has become the only individual who can polish the former's potential.

As fans already know, Naruto doesn’t have any access to Dojutsu skills and he knows that there is no Shinobi better than Sasuke, the reincarnation of Indra, who can help in training his son to master the Jougan.

Yo daddy won’t do what I will!via Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

All of these reasons really go to show why Sasuke training Boruto is a masterstroke from Naruto.

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