My Hero Academia finally reveals how Shigaraki got back his most important quirk

Understanding how Shigaraki got back his Super Regeneration quirk (Image via BONES)
Understanding how Shigaraki got back his Super Regeneration quirk (Image via BONES)

My Hero Academia is in its final stages as the story inches closer towards its conclusion. The pro heroes and the villains are in an all-out war, and the victors will determine the very fate and existence of the entire world - such is the scale of events that are currently being showcased in the manga.

However, the latest volume of the My Hero Academia manga had an extra chapter that revealed an important piece of information surrounding Shigaraki Tomura.

During the battle against Star and Stripe, one of the most popular heroes in North America, Tomura lost certain abilities. This led to fans hoping that the pro heroes would have an advantage when they fought him. However, he managed to escape unscathed and retrieved an ability that the fanbase thought he had lost. While it wasn’t really explained well in the manga, the extra page in the volume gave us some important insight into the retrieval of a particular quirk.

Disclaimer: This article contains massive spoilers from the My Hero Academia manga chapters.

My Hero Academia volume 38’s extra page reveals key information about Shigaraki’s Super Regeneration quirk

During the fight against Star and Stripe, Shigaraki Tomura attempted to steal the New Order quirk from the hero. This is an incredibly versatile quirk in the My Hero Academia series. This quirk allows the user to set a new rule/rules onto a target by initiating physical contact while calling out their name.

Cathleen Bate used this quirk with the intention of setting rules on Shigaraki in an attempt to restrict him in battle. However, one of the weaknesses of this quirk is that the target’s identity or their sense of self should coincide with the user’s understanding of the target’s identity.

This is why the quirk didn’t really work all that well since Shigaraki was questioning his very identity. He didn’t know if he identified himself as Tomura, All For One, or Tenko.

However, the hero used New Order to act in a way that revolted against other quirks. This is why New Order acted in a manner that was similar to a virus, destroying the quirks inside Shigaraki’s body when he tried absorbing it. This left him in extremely terrible shape, and fans finally thought that All For One was in a vulnerable state.

While the prime antagonist of My Hero Academia was indeed in a vulnerable state, it certainly wasn’t permanent. Coming back to the new volume that was released, the extra content stated that Tomura Shigaraki managed to absorb it from a Near High-End Nomu which allowed him to get back his Super Regeneration quirk.

A fan had translated the page from Japanese in order to explain Shiagaraki's retrieval of the Super Regeneration quirk. With this incredibly overpowered quirk back in Shigaraki’s arsenal, the fanbase is worried about the fate of the pro heroes who will take on All For One to save all of humanity.

Fans also took to social media platforms to react to this piece of information. Many were upset because Star and Stripe sacrificed her life during that fight in the hopes of making Shigaraki weaker and more vulnerable. However, with the latest development, fans are now feeling as if the North American hero’s death was in vain since Shigaraki is just as powerful as he was during the aforementioned fight.

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