My hero Academia season 6 opening and Mirko steal the show

Fans react to the first episode of My Hero Academia Season 6
Fans react to the first episode of My Hero Academia Season 6

The entire My Hero Academia fanbase is elated as the much-awaited Season 6 is underway. The first episode of this season has been released, and it’s safe to say that the animation was top-tier. The openings were quite enjoyable, and the overall execution was on par with some of their best works so far.

Naturally, there was growing anticipation about certain aspects of the anime, and the fanbase took to Twitter to express their opinions about the episode. Fans have been quite nervous about the new season's announcement since they didn’t want to see any filler episodes and wanted the anime adaptation to get right into the canon storyline.

Let’s take a look at the My Hero Academia fanbase’s reaction to the first episode of Season 6 and understand what they had to say about the overall experience.

Twitter goes berserk as My Hero Academia Season 6 is finally underway

The opening was one of the first things that the fandom loved and appreciated. Not only was the song catchy and suited the tone of the series, but the animation for the opening was excellent as well. Fans saw some of their favorite characters like Hawks and Shigaraki Tomura in the opening. Moreover, the choice of colors to convey the mood of certain characters was impeccable.

My Hero Academia season 6 has started!!!#MHASEASON6 #MHA #deku #Bakugou #Todoroki

My Hero Academia fans took note of the art style and seemed to have loved it. Certain frames followed an art style that remotely resembled Pop Art. Fans were excited to see Shoto Todoroki in the opening and couldn’t stop talking about Hawks’ appearance. Additionally, the animation studio has done a great job retaining the art style for which the manga is well-known.

Actually surprised by the OP! If they kept the graphic style & animated the separate parts instead of making moving manga panels, be even better. Especially w/ the amount of stills we got in the 2nd half. It's a moving manga season so we will see 👀 #MyHeroAcademia #MHASEASON6

Another fan mentioned how happy they were to see the main characters return to the screens. The dynamics shared between Izuku Midoriya, Bakugou Katsuki, and Shoto Todoroki are a big reason why fans like this series. While the first episode might not have given them much screen time, fans were happy to see them return. The upcoming episodes of the series will focus on the interactions that will take place between the three characters.


Fans were also hyped to see the Pro Heroes prepare for an all-out war against the Paranormal Liberation Front. Endeavor had a dominating presence on the screen when he was seen leading the team to the Jaku General Hospital.

Se acerca la guerra… #MHASEASON6

My Hero Academia fans were eagerly waiting for Mirko to make an appearance this season. This episode was perfect because it set the tone and expectations for the entire fandom. They were delighted to see her in action and demonstrating her brute strength when she smashed the wall into smithereens.

La scène de Mirko bordel elle est incroyable, sérieusement le début de saison 6 promet du lourd ! #MyHeroAcademia

However, the only criticism My Hero Academia fanbase seemed to have was that the episode was relatively short. It was a standard 20-minute episode, but the pacing was good and fans had expected to see a lot more content.

Non l’épisode de My Hero Academia il est passé en 2 secondes c’est pas juste 😩Je suis anime only mais Mirko c’est déjà mon personnage féminin préféré de l’œuvre, c’est trop le flow qu’elle a ! #MyHeroAcademia
what the hell that ep felt like 5 minutes #MHASEASON6

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait another week for the second episode to come out. But the next installment will pack a lot more action as we will likely see Endeavor and his teammates duke it out against the Nomus that have taken over the hospital.

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