My Hero Academia season 6: Why Gigantomachia Listens to Shigaraki, explained

Shigaraki and Gigantomachia from My Hero Academia (Image via Shueisha)
Shigaraki and Gigantomachia from My Hero Academia (Image via Shueisha)

My Hero Academia season six will feature one of the most powerful villains the series has ever seen. Shigaraki has finally risen and now has control over Gigantomachia, which heralds bad news for the heroes.

But why does this mammoth of a villain only answer to Tomura Shigaraki? Let us find out in this article.

Disclaimer: The following story contains spoilers for My Hero Academia anime

How did Shigaraki make Gigantomachia obey him in My Hero Academia?

In My Hero Academia, Gigantomachia is a super-strong, super-fast villain who can easily cause trouble. He was formerly a bodyguard and a servant to All For One. Despite being a part of the narrative for quite some time, he has been obscure for the most part, only to gain the spotlight very recently, especially after his newly forged connection with Tomura.

The reason why this beast listens only to Shigaraki is that he needs a master. Despite being one of the strongest villains in the My Hero Academia universe, he has only one fatal weakness that restricts his ability to think for himself, and hence needs a master to tell him what to do. But that servitude is only feasible if Machia truly accepts his master and trusts him.

Machia was the final trick up his sleeve before All For One was imprisoned. He had made the beast stay out of sight and lay low until he decided on the new successor. He later ordered Kurogiri to lead Machia to Shigaraki.

Making a beast like Gigantomachia obey you is no mere feat and since he was loyal to a powerful being like All For One, it's clear that whoever takes over his loyalty will have to fill huge shoes. However, Shigaraki Tomura has succeeded in winning the said position. Initially, it was obvious that someone like Shigaraki, a mere shadow of his maker One For All could not possibly make the gargantuan villain listen to him, but he has proved us wrong.

The intensity of his devotion to All For One was unwavering, which makes one question how Machia could possibly serve another being. He himself has questioned Shigaraki’s ability to succeed the supervillain. Unlike his aggressive and primitive demeanor, Gigantomachia isn’t just some mindless beast and has some control over who can tame him.

Shigaraki was thus challenged by Gigantomachia as a test to see if he is worthy enough to succeed All For One as his master, but unfortunately, Tomura couldn’t win the fight.

Gigantomachia was impressed by Shigaraki's resolve and affinity for destruction in My Hero Academia season 5 episode 24, and he eventually caved in and decided to acknowledge Shigaraki as his master.

Tomura still remains somewhat of a mystery as we do not know the full extent of his Quirks, as many of them were later injected into him by his former master All For One, and Dr. Daruma Ujiko aka Kyudai Garaki. But he does have Gigantomachia on his side who possesses seven different quirks, crafted with the sole purpose of bringing destruction to the heroes, making him an awfully difficult opponent to cull.

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