Fans accuse Studio Bones of mischaracterizing Bakugo in My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2

Bakugo's anger has become the latest topic of discussion amongst fans in the wake of the latest anime episode's release (Image via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2 was released early on Saturday, bringing with it a Katsuki Bakugo scene which fans have been incredibly upset over. Manga fans are accusing the scene in question of changing one of Bakugo's lines, which cascades into a total mischaracterization of him.

The dialog change is fairly impactful, especially compared to what was originally said in author and illustrator Kohei Horikoshi’s original manga series. Some fans, however, seem to be arguing that the My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2 scene isn’t all that inaccurate, based on other scenes in the manga.

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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2 outrages fans with critical dialog change that mischaracterizes Bakugo

The dialog change in question during My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2 sees Bakugo lamenting his being relegated to help with civilian evacuation. The young hero instead expresses a desire to fight villains and be where the action is. He is seen to be very clearly annoyed and upset by his assigned task.

As one fan points out, the source material for the scene in question sees Bakugo say that “heroes are supposed to help people,” which is a very different attitude than the anime implies. Without a doubt, this isolated anime scene is certainly giving off a very different characterisation of Bakugo than the manga equivalent does.

However, some fans are pointing out that Studio Bones isn’t exactly wrong for adjusting Bakugo’s line in My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2 as they did. One fan pointed out, with the manga panels attached, that there are plenty of instances in the manga version of the arc where Bakugo is rude or contemptuous towards evacuees.

One scene sees him helping an elderly woman towards an evacuation shuttle, but yelling at her after being offered a treat. Another scene sees him screaming at another elderly woman without dialog, but he’s very clearly seen to be angry and making the woman somewhat uncomfortable.

Does the dialog change affect Bakugo’s character that much?

One of the constants of Katsuki Bakugo’s character throughout the series thus far has been his dichotomous internal desires and his external means of carrying himself. It has been made very clear that, despite this rough, loud, and angry exterior, Bakugo does care about his friends and has a desire to help people deep down.

This is shown in many ways throughout the series, with two major highlights being his interaction with a group of young Quirk users and his relationship with Midoriya. Both see him, in the short-term and long-term respectively, put his temper and annoyances aside to help improve the lives of both, whether by teaching them the proper way to behave or by becoming a true friend.

In either scenario, it’s clear that Bakugo is a very complicated, deep, and conflicting character whose actions will often contradict his words. Even in My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2, Bakugo continues to help with the evacuation process, despite his cursing being assigned to that squad rather than on the front lines.

Final thoughts

As a result, it’s clear that while the My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2 dialog alterations may be impactful in an isolated sense, it changes little about his character overall. At the end of the day, it’s made clear that Bakugo still cares about helping civilians, and recognizes that this is indeed a major responsibility for him and any other Pro Hero, fully licensed or otherwise.

Additionally, even if the dialog change does affect his character in an isolated sense, the scene in question still sees him begrudgingly aid in the evacuation process, like in the manga. If Studio Bones was truly interested in adjusting Bakugo’s characterization for the anime, My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2 likely would’ve cut his begrudgingly aiding the evacuation effort.

Therefore, it’s clear that this overreaction to My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2’s events is coming from a very small, albeit vocal, group of fans. Nevertheless, it has still become a trending topic, which the fanbase now finds itself embroiled in battle over.

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