My Hero Academia volume 38 hints that Horikoshi plans to end the final battle soon

Horikoshi-san hints at the possibility of the battle ending soon (Image via Bones)
Horikoshi-san hints at the possibility of the battle ending soon (Image via Bones)

My Hero Academia fans are on the edge of their seats as the story is inching closer to its conclusion. There is an all-out war between the heroes and villains, which will determine the fate of the entire world. Currently, plenty of fights are taking place simultaneously, and the heroes will require a miracle to become victors in this battle.

That being said, one of the extra pages in volume 38 of My Hero Academia hints at the possibility of the story concluding within the next volume. A Twitter user known for uploading anime and manga content did the community a favor by translating a Japanese phrase mentioned on the aforementioned extra page. This, in turn, led to fans believing that the upcoming volume could conclude the series.

Disclaimer: This article contains massive spoilers from My Hero Academia manga. The views expressed in this article are based solely on the author's opinion and fan discussions.

My Hero Academia could conclude the series within the next volume

Twitter user @DabisPoleDance uploaded one of the extra pages from volume 38 and put the translation of the text in the caption. The translation read:

“Next volume! The story will reach its final stage! It's time to conclude many of the battlefields! Look forward to it!”

As stated earlier, the manga currently has numerous fights taking place simultaneously. Two things could happen in the upcoming volume - either Horikoshi-san will conclude every single battle in the upcoming volume or conclude a majority of it.

At the moment, Dabi is internally compressing his thermal energy, which will create an explosion so vast and powerful that everything will be cremated in a five-kilometer radius. The Counter Force team, led by All Might, was keeping track of Dabi’s Inferno, and the Todoroki family’s intervention helped decline the rise in temperature. However, the blast seems to be inevitable.

Meanwhile, Himiko decided to take on Uraraka Ochaco despite the Inferno that Dabi had been working on. Meanwhile, All For One is taking on All Might once again. Spinner was also leading an army comprised of heteromorphs to free Kurogiri. The tension is palpable, and the My Hero Academia fanbase is aware of the chaos that is unfolding in the manga.

Given the sheer number of battles, the series will surely put out enough content for it to be a part of an entire volume. The upcoming chapters could slowly conclude each battle one after another.

The My Hero Academia mangaka also stated that the story had reached its final stages. He also said he didn’t wish to extend the story beyond what was required, similar to series such as One Piece. Therefore, the upcoming volume could wrap up all the fights currently taking place.

That being said, an epilogue could also be in the works if the mangaka wishes to tie all loose ends. The story will not end by just concluding all the fights. An epilogue will be the perfect way to explore the perfect ending for all the characters that have taken part in the final war.

Stay tuned for more My Hero Academia anime and manga news as 2023 progresses.

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