Is All Might dead in the My Hero Academia manga? Status explained

All Might in My Hero Academia anime (Image via Studio Bones)
All Might in My Hero Academia anime (Image via Studio Bones)

Shonen anime is not new to the concept of killing off old mentor figures, and All Might's death knells have been ringing since the moment he revealed his injury to Deku in My Hero Academia chapter 1. However, the old man has managed to survive his decisive battle with his adversary in a grand spectacle on screen, where he nominated Izuku Midoriya as his successor.

All Might has also managed to outlive many of his peers and juniors, though he has been relegated to watching from the sidelines. My Hero Academia Chapter 386 changes the status quo and sees All Might return to action, ominously hinting at the former Number 1 hero's demise.

What happens in My Hero Academia chapter 386

Tenya Iida, Shoto Todoroki, and All Might, alias Toshinori Yagi, are the main subjects of the chapter. All Might leaves on his own after dispatching his young proteges on their separate assignments. Shoto prioritizes stopping Toya and leaving UA in the hands of others, claims All Might.

Iida grudgingly agrees, and the youngster leaps upon her back as she runs in the direction of Gunga. My Hero Academia chapter 386 spoilers then state that young AFO is more vicious and powerful. Hawks' report, in which he is shown holding a hurt Tokoyami, made this claim. Tsukauchi was overheard at the Command Centre shouting at the comm a while back.

In a different scene, All Might exits his vehicle and declares, "This has always been my battle," as he perceives AFO advancing. He doesn't listen to Tsukauchi's pleas to go and considers whether Shigaraki's feelings may have contributed to AFO's growing hostility. As he finishes, his car and briefcase transform into armor as All Might exclaims:

"I am here."

What this means for All Might in My Hero Academia's future

On social media, many have discussed how this moment reminds them of Iron Man from Marvel Comics and the MCU. In My Hero Academia, the concept of a hero without powers—like All Might is now—becoming a competent and deserving combatant after donning armor is not entirely unbelievable.

Fans frequently share the manga panel on social media to express how happy they are to see the once-seemingly unstoppable Symbol of Peace return to action. However, some view this picture as foreboding. After seeing mighty characters like Tokoyami and Hawks getting defeated by All for One's overwhelming power, this Quirkless hero's last stand might be a beacon of hope symbolically rather than doing any real damage.

As a result, Horikoshi's pen may soon conjure up All Might's swan song, and it would be a fitting conclusion to witness him die without powers resisting till the very end. This would allow him to fully circle back to a period when he had witnessed his apprentice rush into battle despite possessing special abilities of his own. That might also inspire Deku to undergo his last metamorphosis, which defeats the bad guys in a style reminiscent of Naruto.

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