My Hero Academia chapter 386 spoilers have fans praying for All Might’s safety

All Might ready to battle yet again (Image via Studio Bones)
All Might ready to battle yet again (Image via Studio Bones)

The high-stakes action in the My Hero Academia storyline has left all major characters out of the conflict, except one. However, chapter 386 changed that status quo, with the former Number One Hero and Symbol of Peace, All Might stepping up to face his former adversary. All Might has remained an integral part of My Hero Academia since his introduction. He wasn't just protagonist Izuku Midoriya's mentor figure but also an important figure in his own right.

However, his role has been largely relegated to that of an advisor after losing the last embers of One for All - until chapter 386. Chapter 386 has left My Hero Academia fans hanging through a spectacular cliffhanger.

All Might to take on his original adversary, as hinted by the end of My Hero Academia chapter 386

The chapter focuses on Tenya Iida, Shoto Todoroki, and All Might, aka Toshinori Yagi. After sending his young proteges on their respective missions, All Might heads out on his own. Shoto must put stopping Toya first and leave UA to others, argues All Might.

The boy reluctantly complies and jumps atop Iida's back as she sprints towards Gunga. The spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 386 claim that young AFO is more ruthless and stronger. This was stated in Hawks' report, in which he is pictured holding an injured Tokoyami. Tsukauchi is heard ranting at the comm a while back at the Command Centre.

In another scene, All Might gets out of his car and says, "This has always been my battle," as he watches AFO fly closer. He ignores Tsukauchi’s pleas to flee, wondering if AFO’s increasing hatred is a byproduct of Shigaraki’s emotions. His briefcase and car turn into armour as he finishes his sentence, and All Might declares,

"I am here."

What this means and what fans are saying


Fans have taken to social media to comment on the similarity of this scene to that of a character from Western media, Ironman from Marvel Comics, and the MCU. The idea of a hero without powers - as All Might is now - who becomes a capable and worthy fighter after wearing a suit of armor is not too far-fetched in My Hero Academia's quirk-based world.

Fans keep reposting the manga panel, highlighting their excitement for the return to action of the once seemingly-invincible Symbol of Peace. Others, however, are noting this scene as ominous.

After seeing mighty characters like Tokoyami and Hawks getting defeated by All for One's overwhelming power, this Quirkless hero's last stand might be a beacon of hope symbolically rather than doing any real damage.

The idea of killing mentors isn't new to shonen anime and the manga is soon to be complete. As such, All Might's final swansong might soon be envisioned by Horikoshi's pen, and it would be a fitting end to see him die without powers fighting till the end. This would enable his story to come back full circle to a time when he had seen his protege rush into battle despite having powers of his own.

That might also push Deku into his final transformation that takes down the villains, in a Naruto-esque manner. Fans can read My Hero Academia on Viz Media and MangaPlus, while season 6 can be watched on Crunchyroll.