My Hero Academia chapter 386 spoilers and raw scans: Shoto on his way to confront Dabi, All Might finally takes a stand against AFO

Shoto and All Might gear up for their respective fights in My Hero Academia chapter 386 (Image via Studio Bones)
Shoto and All Might gear up for their respective fights in My Hero Academia chapter 386 (Image via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia chapter 386 will be released in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 22 on Monday, April 24 at 12 am JST. According to the spoilers released recently, the chapter focuses on Shoto Todoroki, Tenya Iida, and All Might. The focus is split between Kamino, the control center, and a new location called Idou.

In the previous chapter, All for One momentarily defeated the heroes at Gunga and left for UA. The Evacuation tunnels were brought back to working condition. AFO’s spy was apprehended, while back in Kamino, Shoto and Iida staggered back on their feet. Stain appeared on a nearby building.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers up to My Hero Academia chapter 386.

My Hero Academia chapter 386 spoilers show Shoto leaving for Gunga to confront his brother as All Might faces AFO with the help of a new armor

My Hero Academia chapter 386 spoilers suggest that the chapter is titled “I Am Here.”

The chapter begins at the command center, where AFO is reported to have crossed the city of Idou. While the evacuation route is now working better, there is a shortage of police officers and heroes to both aid the evacuees and fight AFO. An officer reports to Tsukauchi that while Endeavor has not been defeated yet, Dabi is about to explode. He has been concentrating the heat inside him ever since he started fighting his father, and will only last for about 10 more minutes before the heat expands out of him and scorches everything in a five-kilometer radius.

La Brava warns Tsukauchi that the civilians in the evacuation tunnels are close to Gunga. Inside the tunnels, a section collapses near the Todoroki family and they are told to open an emergency exit. Meanwhile, AFO is moving ever faster and is now close enough that he can use his teleportation Quirk. There are still no reinforcements, but someone calls Tsukauchi’s name over the comm. My Hero Academia chapter 386 cuts to Kamino, where Shoto waves off Iida’s concern, saying that he cannot afford to collapse when AFO might be reaching where Deku is.

Shoto is determined to do his duty, which saddens Iida that his kind-hearted friend has to go through so much. Just then, All Might connects to Shoto and Iida via the comm and briefs them about the Dabi situation, telling them that they need to get to Gunga as soon as possible. Endeavor cannot stop this explosion, so Shoto is their only hope. All Might is sure that Iida can run there using his full speed now that the rain has cooled down his engines.

All Might insists that Shoto leave UA to others and make stopping Toya his top priority. Reluctantly, the boy agrees and climbs onto Iida’s back, who rushes towards Gunga at full speed. According to the spoilers, My Hero Academia chapter 386 states that young AFO is stronger and more vicious. This was in Hawks’ report, who is seen holding an injured Tokoyami in his arms. Meanwhile, back at the Command Center, Tsukauchi is seen yelling at the comm.

Elsewhere, All Might gets out of his car and looks at AFO flying closer, and remarks that this has always been his battle. He ignores Tsukauchi’s pleas to flee, wondering if AFO’s increasing hatred is a byproduct of Shigaraki’s emotions. As he says that, his briefcase and car transform into armor, and All Might proclaims “I am here.”