My Hero Academia: Can Dabi beat Endeavor?

A truly heated battle in My Hero Academia (Image via Sportskeeda)
A truly heated battle in My Hero Academia (Image via Sportskeeda)

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers from the My Hero Academia manga.

The Todoroki family has been through a lot of suffering in My Hero Academia, but it's not enough for Dabi.

This is undoubtedly a deeply personal conflict. Fans know firsthand that Endeavor is not a very good parent. He favored certain children just for the sake of surpassing All Might. In the end, his neglectful actions led to his eldest son becoming the villainous Dabi.

An individual fight wouldn't end well for either competitor. There is too much at stake for both sides, which means they can make crucial mistakes. The mind is only half the battle in My Hero Academia.

Can Dabi beat Endeavor in My Hero Academia?


Dabi is highly regarded for his fighting prowess in the League of Villains. Going up against a Pro Hero wouldn't be easy for anybody.

This match has ridiculously high stakes, even by My Hero Academia standards.

It's very personal


As a child, Toya was driven into insanity by his father, Enji Todoroki, aka Endeavor. He was considered a failed project when his body couldn't handle the fire he produced. After the birth of Shoto, Toya was no longer the favorite child and was cast aside.

Toya ultimately faked his death and became the villainous Dabi. All he cares about is getting back at his father.

Meanwhile, Endeavor has undergone some significant character development since the Pro Hero arc. He is not the same man that Dabi knew in his childhood.

Dabi's Quirk is more powerful but dangerous


This unnamed Quirk likely produces the hottest flames in My Hero Academia. It can heat up to 2,000°C (3,632°F).

Dabi's fire burns much brighter than Endeavor's since blue flames are hotter than orange ones. Fans often refer to his Quirk by the unofficial name "Cremation."

Dabi is extremely dangerous with his Quirk, but the problem lies within his body. He inherited his mother's resistance to cold, which is useless against heat. This is the main reason why Endeavor gave up on him in the first place.

My Hero Academia regularly deals with the limitations of the human body. Dabi has to be careful when using his powers, or else he will go down in a smoldering ruin.

Endeavor's Quirk should not be underestimated


Endeavor is ranked the number one Pro Hero of Japan, and for very good reason. Hellflame is an exceedingly powerful Quirk that can incinerate the most powerful enemies, such as High-End Nomu. Prominence Burn is among the strongest attacks in the series.

Of course, none of this really matters in My Hero Academia. Endeavor wouldn't bother using the full extent of his power against Dabi.

Emotions would get in the way of this battle

Dabi's only purpose of living is to get back at his father, even if that means killing the rest of his family. He doesn't care that Endeavor wants to make amends to his wife and children. At this point in My Hero Academia, Dabi is too far gone.

After the events of the Paranormal Liberation War, Endeavor admitted that he could not fight his son, despite his status as a crazed murderer. His family eventually talked sense into him, stating that he needed to deal with Dabi sooner rather than later.

Final verdict

Ultimately, this match will have a very tragic ending. Endeavor would definitely hold back against his son, which could result in a devastating loss. He is not going to fight Dabi the same way he did against the Nomu in the Pro Hero arc.

However, for someone like Dabi, a simple death might be too easy. He wants Endeavor to suffer for his past actions. It's very likely that he will leave his father alive in a direct confrontation. In fact, he would kill any of his remaining sidekicks to add insult to injury.

Of course, there's also a realistic possibility that Dabi could burn himself alive. My Hero Academia Chapter 350 shows him in a very damaged state. His fiery hatred is what powers up his Quirk, but his body is starting to fall apart.

Dabi could go down in flames if that meant hurting his father emotionally.

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