My Hero Academia: 10 most powerful special moves

Deku gave it everything he got with Full Cowl - 100% (Image via Studio Bones)
Deku gave it everything he got with Full Cowl - 100% (Image via Studio Bones)

Heroes and villains alike often rely on their finishing moves in My Hero Academia.

These powerful maneuvers are generally a last resort when nothing else works. They are collectively known as Super Moves in My Hero Academia. These special techniques can determine the outcome of the match.

Of course, each Super Move requires extensive Quirk training. They also depend on the user's fighting style, whether it's for offensive or defensive purposes. Without a doubt, they are the most devastating finishers in My Hero Academia. The strongest ones are surely a sight to see.

Note: This article will contain major spoilers from the manga.

These are the most powerful special moves in My Hero Academia

10) Phantom Threat / Phantom Menace (Lemillion)


The name of this Super Move was originally Phantom Menace. Likely due to copyright reasons, this was not carried over in the anime.

Mirio Togata can phase through objects with his Permeation Quirk. He can also repel himself at fast speeds if he releases his Quirk while inside a solid obstruction.

He used this secondary effect to a great advantage in the Shie Hassaikai arc. Phantom Menace allowed him to repeatedly attack Yakuza members from multiple directions, shifting through walls and floors in an instant.

9) Prominence Burn (Endeavor and Dabi)


Very few members of the Todoroki family can pull off this move. Endeavor powers it up with Hellflame, while Dabi relies on his blue flames.

Prominence Burn uses the full might of their respective fire Quirks. Both users unleash a powerful torrent of flames, which can incinerate most targets.

Dabi technically has the hotter flames in the family, so he is far more dangerous. However, his body cannot withstand too much heat, so that limits his capacity in My Hero Academia.

8) Prominence Burn: ULTRA PLUS (Endeavor)


This variation deserves its own entry on this list. During the Pro Hero arc, Endeavor had trouble dealing with a High-End Nomu. The latter would constantly regenerate itself from serious injuries.

The ULTRA PLUS version makes Prominence Burn even stronger. Endeavor went far beyond his normal limit and completely destroyed the Nomu for good. Regenerative Quirks are simply not enough for this Super Move.

7) Fist Bump to the Earth (Star and Stripe)

Expect to see Cathleen Bate multiple times on this list. She completely broke the scale for My Hero Academia during the Star and Stripe arc.

New Order is arguably the strongest Quirk in the entire franchise. Star and Stripe and set rules for her surroundings. Once she touches an object, she just needs to say its name and give it a new power.

Fist Bump to the Earth was first seen in her epic battle with Tomura Shigaraki and All For One. She created a giant version of herself made from the earth's atmosphere. It's mostly invisible, which makes it hard to deal with. Star and Stripe can even use it for other Super Moves.

6) Keraunos (Star and Stripe)

This Super Move is used in conjunction with the previous one. With her giant form, Star and Stripe is able to grab lasers from nearby fighter jets. She can then summon a gigantic energy sword that covers a great length.

The vast majority of My Hero Academia characters would get burned to a crisp. Shigaraki only survived the attack because of his extreme recovery rate.

5) State-of-the-Art Hypersonic Intercontinental Cruise Punch (Star and Stripe)

Without a doubt, Star and Stripe is among the most feared superheroes in My Hero Academia. Her final Super Move is arguably the biggest in the series, in terms of sheer distance.

This powerful move requires the use of her giant form and a Tiamat missile. Star and Stripe used it against Shigaraki to cause a mighty explosion. Very few characters would ever hope to dodge the massive attack radius.

4) One For All: Full Cowl - 100% (Deku)


Normally, Izuku Midoriya would injure himself if he went beyond the limits of his OFA Quirk. However, with the help of Eri and her Rewind ability, Deku can bypass these restrictions entirely.

In terms of strength and speed, Full Cowl - 100% lets him reach All Might's level. Deku can also use a weaker version without the use of Eri.

Kai Chisaki didn't stand a chance against this particular move. During the climax of the Shie Hassaikai arc, Deku laid complete waste to Overhaul.

3) Ultimate Quirk Combination (All For One)


For the past century, All For One has stolen multiple Quirks with his own. He can even combine them for devastating results in My Hero Academia. This was best seen in the Hideout Raid arc.

During his final battle with All Might, he used the following Quirks for his combination attack:

  • Springlike Limbs
  • Hypertrophy
  • Spearlike Bones
  • Multiplier
  • 3x Strength Enhancers
  • 4x Kinetic Boosters

All For One can also use Air Walk for extra mobility. This is a very crucial advantage in My Hero Academia.

Keep in mind that his physical stats are maxed out, based on the Ultra Analysis Book. Very few heroes could evenly clash with All For One's base form, let alone the Ultimate Quirk Combination.

2) Double Detroit Smash (All Might and Deku)


Taking on a single user of the OFA Quir is quite a heavy task. It becomes even more difficult when there are two. This powerful duo managed to pull the ultimate technique in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.

Wolfram is a very dangerous threat in this film. With a Quirk Amplification Device, he created a massive fortress made of metal.

To get past his defenses, All Might and Deku had to combine their OFA powers to pull off a Double Detroit Smash. Very few combo attacks can match its destruction in My Hero Academia. Deku even destroyed his Full Gauntlet support device.

1) United States of Smash (All Might)


My Hero Academia fans will certainly never forget the dramatic conclusion to All Might's fight with All For One. Down to his last few embers of the OFA Quirk, the hero saved it up for one last attack.

The United States of Smash isn't the flashiest move in the world, but it's certainly the strongest. A single punch was enough to bring down All For One, who is easily the deadliest villain in My Hero Academia. This is the same person who effortlessly fought the top heroes of Japan without breaking a sweat.

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