4 worst parents in My Hero Academia (and 4 that did a better job)

No wonder their sons turned out the way they did (Image via Sportskeeda)
No wonder their sons turned out the way they did (Image via Sportskeeda)

My Hero Academia would be a lot different if certain parents were much nicer.

Children can’t change their parents anymore than parents can change their children. Heroes and villains alike are shaped by these very experiences. Sadly, more than a few parents have neglected their responsibilities. Some of them even raised monsters by acting like monsters.

With that said, My Hero Academia also shows a completely different side of parenting. They care deeply about their children’s well being. While they hold them to a high standard, they never endanger them with destructive habits.

My Hero Academia parents that failed their children

4) Mitsuki Bakugo


Needless to say, Mitsuki is a divisive figure in the My Hero Academia community. Her only major appearance was right after the Hideout Raid arc, where Katsuki Bakugo had to be rescued from the League of Villains. Not only does she have no sympathy for her child, she also smacks him.

Mitsuki isn't outright terrible like the rest of this list. She also has a few supporters because she doesn't tolerate her son's antics. With that said, Katsuki is definitely a handful. Whether or not she could've raised him better is up for debate.

3) Enji Todoroki


From this point forward, these parents absolutely failed their children in miserable ways. Endeavor is a great superhero in My Hero Academia, but Enji Todoroki is a terrible parent.

He married Rei Himura for the sole reason that both of them could pass on their fire and ice Quirks. Enji knew that he could never surpass All Might, so he shouldered this responsibility to his children. Shoto Todoroki ended up going through a very cruel training program.

Eventually, his wife had a mental breakdown over his abusive nature, which forced him to institutionalize her. Shoto has held a deep resentment for his father ever since. To Enji's credit, he does try to redeem himself later on, starting with the Pro Hero arc. With that said, it's not going to be an easy journey.

2) Kotaro Shimura


The son of Nana Shimura held a deep hatred for hero society, ever since his mother left him for his own safety. Kotaro never truly realized this, yet he still took out his frustrations on his own family. His flashback in the Meta Liberation Army arc does not paint him in a sympathetic light.

He forbade his children from mentioning the word "hero" in his household. Tenko learned this lesson the hard way when he took a severe beating. Eventually, he manifested a destructive Quirk and decayed his entire family. The only relative he intentionally killed was his abusive father.

There's a very good reason why My Hero Academia fans despise Kotaro. His violent ways ended up creating Tomura Shigaraki.

1) Kai Chisaki


The main antagonist of the Shie Hassaikai arc is a sociopathic monster. He wanted to create drugs that would destroy Quirk factors, so he endangered the life of a six-year old girl. He forced Eri to become his personal lab experiment, using her Rewind ability to manufacture his drug.

Unlike the previous entries on this list, Overhaul is a complete monster. There is not a single ounce of remorse within him. For that reason, he is an utterly despicable villain in My Hero Academia. He may not have blood relations with Eri, yet he still failed her as a parental figure.

Long after his defeat at the hands of Izuku Midoriya, he still had a psychological grip on Eri. It wasn't until the School Festival that she began to smile again.

My Hero Academia parents that raised their children into fine human beings

4) Ochako's unnamed parents


Despite the constant darkness, there are shining lights in My Hero Academia.

Ochako Uraraka is grateful to have loving parents like she does. When she enrolled in U.A. High School, she wanted to make enough money to support her family. She has a very healthy relationship with them in My Hero Academia.

Throughout the Sports Festival arc, they would show their support via phone calls. After it ended, they also threw a surprise party for her. They even let her know that she also needs to find happiness for herself.

3) Rei Todoroki


Rei isn't a perfect mother, by any means. All her children are the result of an unhappy Quirk marriage with Enji Todoroki. However, she was a far better influence for Shoto in My Hero Academia.

She was the complete opposite of her abusive husband. While he was cruel and uncaring, she would support her son. Even when she permanently scarred him during a mental breakdown, Shoto never held it against her.

Ten years later, during the Sports Festival arc, Shoto would visit his mother at a local hospital. They've grown much closer since then.

2) Kyotoku and Mika Jiro


Kyoka Jiro has always had musical talent, ever since she was a young child. Her loving parents encouraged her to pursue these activities.

With that said, what she really wanted to be was a hero. When she told her parents about it, they fully supported her decision. They didn't force her to do something she didn't want to do.

Thankfully, Jiro finally got to live her dream with a live concert performance at the School Festival. Not only did she become Eri's hero that day, she also demonstrated her singing capabilities. It's among the most touching moments in My Hero Academia.

1) Inko Midoriya


It's not easy for a mother to raise her child by herself. Nonetheless, Inko Midoirya is a welcome presence in My Hero Academia. She genuinely cares for her only son Izuku. They would often play games during his childhood years.

Inko is also a very supportive mother to Izuku. When it was revealed that he was born Quirkless, she sincerely apologized to him. She knew that he wanted to become a hero. Thankfully, he was later gifted the OFA Quirk from All Might.

However, she also became worried about how often Izuku would injure himself with that Quirk. After the Hideout Raid, she almost made him quit his studies at the U.A. However, after some convincing from All Might, she allowed her son to pursue his dreams. She just doesn't want him to get hurt on the job.

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