My Hero Academia: 4 characters that Shoto Todoroki would get along with (and 4 he doesn't)

Rei and Enji have a very different relationship with Shoto (Image via Sportskeeda)
Rei and Enji have a very different relationship with Shoto (Image via Sportskeeda)

Shoto Todoroki gets along with most people in My Hero Academia, yet a select few have earned his ire.

My Hero Academia fans have always liked Shoto ever since he made his debut. With a cool personality and powerful Quirk, he is highly regarded as the ace student of the U.A. Although he can seem cold to most people, Shoto does have a warmer side. Of course, not everybody gets to see it.

Shoto is a central figure in My Hero Academia. This means his relationship with other characters gets to be explored in full detail. With that in mind, here's a look at his friendly and unfriendly interactions throughout the series.

Note: This article will contain major spoilers from the manga.

My Hero Academia characters that Shoto Todoroki is very friendly towards

4) Shota Aizawa - Eraserhead


Shoto is a very disciplined student in My Hero Academia. For that reason, Aizawa found him easier to teach, as opposed to Katsuki Bakugo.

Aizawa understands that Shoto carries a heavy burden on himself. During the Final Exams, he convinced Shoto to work alongside Momo, rather than do everything himself.

Aizawa was also there for Shoto when his father was battling a strong Nomu in the Pro Hero arc. When Shoto prayed for his father's victory, Aizawa stood there in support. He really does care about his students in My Hero Academia.

3) Momo Yaoyarozu


Both of these recommended students have gotten along very well in the U.A. Shoto and Momo are definitely among the strongest classmates in My Hero Academia. With that said, both of them believe in each other's capabilities.

During the Final Exams, they had to face Aizawa together. Shoto helped Momo overcome her self-esteem issues and worked together to defeat their homeroom teacher. He also made it known that he fully respects her leadership skills.

2) Izuku Midoriya


Shoto's life changed forever when he faced Midoriya in the Sports Festival. For the longest time, he struggled to use the fire side of his Quirk. It reminded him too much of his father. Midoriya didn't see it that way and convinced Shoto that he can become his own person.

With the help of Midoriya's pep talk, Shoto finally realized his full potential in My Hero Academia. They became friends during the Hero Killer arc, where they defeated Stain and rescued Tenya Ida.

Shoto and Midoriya respect each other for their selfless efforts to save other people in My Hero Academia.

1) Rei Todoroki


Rei was a loving and caring parent for Shoto. She tried multiple times to stop her abusive husband from overworking his son. Unfortunately, she also suffered from his authoritative rule. She even had a mental breakdown and scarred her son, although she tried to heal Shoto afterwards.

Nonetheless, Shoto never held that moment against her. Anytime he took a day off, he would try to visit her in the hospital. Unlike his father, Shoto always held his mother in very high regard.

My Hero Academia characters that Shoto Todoroki cannot get along with

4) Enji Todoroki - Endeavor


There is a path to redemption here, but it's a difficult one. Shoto has a very cold relationship with his father, given his abusive past. Endeavor knew he could never surpass All Might as Japan's number one hero. Instead, he shouldered that responsibility to Shoto, who underwent brutal training.

Endeavor's mistreatment of his wife also caused Rei to have a mental breakdown, which resulted in Shoto getting his scar. The young Todoroki deeply hated his father, to the point that he refused to use the fire side of his Quirk. Izuku Midoriya had to convince him otherwise in the Sports Festival.


During the Pro Hero arc, Endeavor did try to make amends with his family. However, he is still distant with his son, given everything that happened.

Shoto does want his father to become a better person. He is also looking for the right moment to forgive him. However, there isn't much time left in the series for that to happen. Endeavor may or may not die in the final arc.

My Hero Academia fans look forward to whether or not Shoto can forgive his father. Before that happens, he needs to deal with his lost brother.

3) Neito Monoma


The Class 1-B students is always needlessly antagonistic to Class 1-A. When Shoto failed the Provisional Hero License Exam, Monoma taunted him about it. Shoto even apoligized to his classmates for the failure, although he was comforted by Eijiro Kirishima.

Monoma barely gets along with anybody, let alone his fellow classmates. Shoto barely interacts with him, but it's clear that Monoma would simply annoy him to no end. The Class 1-B student can be very childish at times.

2) Chizome Akaguro - Stain


During the Hero Killer arc, Shoto risked his life to bring down Stain. The villain had been going around killing random heroes. He even justified his actions by stating that he needed to rid society of "false" heroes.

More than a few My Hero Academia characters understood where Stain was coming from, such as Seiji Shishikura. Shoto Todoroki is definitely not among their ranks. He was completely disgusted by Stain's murderous tendencies, regardless of his belief in justice.

1) Toya Todoroki - Dabi


The sad reality is that nothing Shoto does will ever be enough for his lost brother Toya. Dabi holds major resentment towards his younger brother.

Shoto was born with a natural resistance to fire and ice. Meanwhile, a young Dabi kept burning himself badly with his Quirk. He was no longer the favorite child of Endeavor. This eventually drove him off the deep end.

After faking his death and taking on a villainous persona, Dabi only cares about making his family suffer. He is simply too far gone at this point in My Hero Academia. Shoto is currently fighting his brother in the final arc, yet many readers expect a tragic ending for the Todorokis.

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