10 My Hero Academia Quirks with villainous powers

Decay is definitely not a "heroic" Quirk by any means (Image via Studio Bones)
Decay is definitely not a "heroic" Quirk by any means (Image via Studio Bones)

A fair amount of Quirks in My Hero Academia seem almost villainous in nature. Whether it's destroying someone's free will or causing widespread destruction, these Quirks are extremely dangerous. For instance, Tomura Shigaraki can use Decay to destroy anything he touches.

Interestingly, it's not just the villains who have these abilities. Even heroic characters have to carefully adjust their Quirks, such as Mina Ashido and her Acid powers.

My Hero Academia has no shortage of dangerous abilities, regardless of the character's alignment.

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My Hero Academia Quirks that seem villainous based on their powers

10) Dupli-Arms (Mezo Shoji)


Prejudice is a very common theme in My Hero Academia. Some people are born with Quirks that make them look monstrous. In the case of Mezo Shoji, most of society tends to shun him for his appearance.

Dupli-Arms allows users to grow multiple tentacles on their body. These can sprout various body parts, such as eyes and ears.

Shoji may seem like a mutant, but looks can be deceiving. He is a very heroic student in the series. The Ultra Archive even states that he would sacrifice himself for his friends.

9) Acid (Mina Ashido)


Acid is a very corrosive substance that can melt whatever it touches. This would be a very dangerous ability in villainous hands. Luckily, it belongs to Mina Ashido, a kind-hearted girl from U.A. High School.

For the most part, Ashido can melt away non-organic materials, such as projectiles and sentry robots. However, she also needs to be very careful when using her Quirk against humans. Otherwise, she could severely burn them for life.

8) Transform (Himiko Toga)


My Hero Academia makes it clear that some characters were born unlucky. Some of them grow up with Quirks that seem abnormal by societal standards.

Himiko Toga can shapeshift into anybody as long as she drinks their blood sample. When she fought Curious of the Meta Liberation Army, it was revealed that her Quirk gave her an unhealthy obsession with blood.

Toga was ostracized from society for this reason, forcing her to become a villainous outcast.

7) Meatball (Seiji Shishikura)


At first glance, Meatball is a horrifying Quirk by My Hero Academia standards. Users can manipulate raw flesh and can mold enemies into chunky meatballs.

Seiji Shishikura demonstrated his abilities in the Provisional Hero License Exam, where he took out both Kirishima and Bakugo.

Hero Society is very grateful that Shishikura is on their side and not the villains. Even then, he was directly influenced by the Hero Killer Stain.

6) Bloodcurdle (Chizome Akaguro)


Stain is not somebody you'd want to meet in a dark alley. This murderous sociopath is among the most dangerous threats in My Hero Academia. Not only is he exceedingly quick on his feet, but he can also paralyze his targets by licking their blood.

With the use of multiple sharp weapons, it won't take long for Stain to use his Bloodcurdle abilities. The sight of someone licking blood is more than enough to send a shiver down their spines. It's a disgusting Quirk to watch in action.

5) Overhaul (Kai Chisaki)


The main villain of the Shie Hassaikai arc can assemble and reassemble anything he touches. However, it can have very deadly applications in My Hero Academia. For example, he can outright destroy another person's body. Magne found out the hard way after the League of Villains met Overhaul.

Quirks with a destructive capacity are dangerous by nature. They can certainly be used in heroic ways, such as healing someone's injuries. However, this is an incredibly painful experience for the recipient.

4) Hellflame (Enji Todoroki/Endeavor)


Endeavor is a top Pro Hero with a very questionable past. Nonetheless, the entire state of Japan depends on him in My Hero Academia. He fully mastered a very dangerous Quirk known as Hellflame.

With the use of pyrokinetic abilities, Endeavor can incinerate most enemies with ease. This is a highly powerful Quirk that is best used in offensive situations, such as fighting Nomus in the Pro Hero arc.

With a name like Hellflame, it's sure to strike fear into the hearts of enemies.

3) Brainwashing (Hitoshi Shinso)


Traditionally, taking control of someone's mind is considered villainous. However, My Hero Academia puts an interesting twist by giving this power to a hero. Unfortunately for Hitoshi Shinso, many characters prefer to avoid him.

Brainwashing activates whenever a target responds to Shinso's voice. As a result, he is generally left alone since nobody wants to deal with his Quirk.

This caused Shinso to become resentful of heroic Quirks, given their inherent advantage. He briefly held a grudge against Izuku Midoriya during the Sports Festival. However, both of them got along well after Midoriya understood his situation.

Shinso is the perfect example of how society can shun others simply because they have a unique Quirk.

2) All For One (All For One)


All For One is responsible for nearly every bad event in My Hero Academia. He was Japan's criminal mastermind for several decades. This dangerous villain can steal other Quirks.

All For One even allows him to hold multiple Quirks at once. For example, he can easily combine Kinetic Booster and Strength Enhancer Quirks for maximum damage. This was seen during his final battle with All Might during the Hideout Raid.

Of course, the ability to steal power is inherently villainous by design. It mainly benefits the user, who, in this case, is a murderous lawbreaker.

1) Decay (Tomura Shigaraki)


Decay allows users to destroy anything their hands can touch. From living beings to entire cities, targets will quickly crumble into dust when touched.

Tomura Shigaraki began his villainous rise due to his destructive Quirk. When he fought the Meta Liberation Army, it was revealed that he couldn't control his powers as a child. He ended up wiping out his entire family in a tragic flashback.

Shortly afterward, All For One took him in and raised him to become a monster. Shigaraki wants to destroy everything in My Hero Academia, so this Quirk is rather fitting.

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