My Hero Academia: 4 characters that Himiko Toga can beat (and 4 she can’t)

Toga has a very sick and twisted mind (Image via Studio Bones)
Toga has a very sick and twisted mind (Image via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia has many dangerous combatants, but few are as demented as Himiko Toga.

The League of Villains member was among the first recruits in My Hero Academia. Toga may be a teenager, but she can directly fight several adult heroes. This was best seen in the Shie Hassaikai arc when she caught Shota Aizawa off guard.

Toga is a stealth master known for her blinding speed. With the use of her Transformation Quirk, she can shapeshift into anybody, provided she has their blood sample. After fighting the Meta Liberation Army, she can even use their Quirks.

Himiko Toga is a vicious threat, which means only a select few characters can take her on in My Hero Academia.

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My Hero Academia characters that Himiko Toga can defeat

4) Koku Hanabata - Trumpet


The Meta Liberation Army commander goes by the code name Trumpet. With the use of his Incite Quirk, he can strengthen the physical and mental states of his followers. This makes him very dangerous when surrounded by a mob.

With that said, he is just a support unit in My Hero Academia. He mainly relies on his loyal followers to carry out attacks.

Toga has already demonstrated that she can survive multiple waves of enemies, such as during her fight with Curious.

In the end, Toga can simply use the Zero Gravity Quirk she copied from Ochako Uraraka. She would be able to put away Trumpet's forces in no time.

3) Shuichi Iguchi - Spinner


Spinner is a very unremarkable fighter in My Hero Academia. He is able to cling to walls with his Gecko Quirk. However, that requires him to be in the right setting, such as urban cities.

Spinner's powers are largely situational, which doesn't help in the slightest. Although he is able to carry a huge sword, Spinner isn't fast enough to strike down Toga. She could easily put him away with her combat knives.

2) Tsuyu Asui


Tsuyu's Frog Quirk offers a multitude of functions, such as the ability to stick to walls and the use of camouflage.

Tsuyu is a very competent fighter in My Hero Academia. During the Joint Training arc, she defeated Hiryu Rin with a dropkick, despite his enhanced durability.

Tsuyu has fought Toga before in the Forest Training Camp arc. Unfortunately, it didn't end well for her, as Toga almost took her out with a knife.

Their rematch will likely have a similar outcome. Toga is a very agile fighter and now has access to Zero Gravity. When transformed into Ochako, a single touch is all Toga needs to get rid of Tsuyu.

1) Sekijiro Kan - Vlad King


This may seem controversial by My Hero Academia standards. However, Toga has a decided advantage in fights against blood users. Matches in the series are often decided by the balance between Quirks.

Vlad King is a Class 1-B teacher who can manipulate blood with his Quirk. He can generate a large amount from his body, which can be used to capture opponents. However, it should be noted that Toga was fast enough to briefly overtake Aizawa, another homeroom teacher in the U.A.

She also has multiple opportunities to obtain a blood sample from Vlad, which will allow her to transform into him.

It won't be easy, but Toga does have a path to victory. That's not even getting to her usage of Zero Gravity.

My Hero Academia characters that Himiko Toga cannot defeat

4) Chizome Akaguro - Stain


Both Stain and Toga rely on their speed and skill to overtake their opponents, along with some very sharp weapons. They also rely on the blood of their enemies to activate their Quirks. Bloodcurdle lets Stain paralyze his foes by tasting samples of their blood.

With that said, Stain does everything better than Toga. The Ultra Analysis databook lists his agility at 5/6, putting him at the A range. This makes him one of the fastest characters in My Hero Academia. He also has a long katana sword that gives him more range.

3) Dabi


Simply put, Dabi has a wider range of attacks at his disposal. With the use of his Cremation Quirk, he can generate extremely hot fire. That would be more than enough to maintain distance from Toga. She wouldn't be able to get close enough to stab Dabi, but that's the least of her worries.

Dabi only needs to unleash a powerful blast of his blue flames, and Toga doesn't have the resistance to survive the attack.

Dabi is also a cruel and heartless man in My Hero Academia. Fans shouldn't put it past him to burn his fellow villains alive.

2) Rikiya Yotsubashi - Re-Destro


Historically, Toga has never fared well against giant opponents. Her fruitless efforts against Gigantomachia are a perfect example of why that is the case. Larger enemies are simply too big to get a quick stealth kill. Even if she can stab them, she will likely miss their vital organs.

Of course, Re-Destro doesn't even need to rely on his size advantage. With the use of his Stress Quirk, he can easily convert tension into raw power. This was best seen when he fought Shigaraki in the Meta Liberation Army arc. Re-Destro sent the villainous leader flying across the city landscape.

Toga is not meant to fight opponents like Re-Destro. She doesn't have the strength or durability to outlast him.

1) Tomura Shigaraki


Himiko Toga may be very fast, but she is equally matched by Tomura Shigaraki. Based on the Ultra Analysis databook, they both have a speed rating of 4/6. This puts them comfortably in the B- range.

However, Shigaraki's area of attack is more than enough to eliminate her. With the use of his Decay Quirk, he can destroy everything he touches.

When Shigaraki fought Re-Destro and the Meta Liberation Army, he single-handedly demolished an entire city. He is the most dangerous threat in My Hero Academia.

Toga has no chance of getting to Shigaraki before he decays her instantly.

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