Why Deku didn't say "Plus Ultra" in My Hero Academia season 6 episode 22 preview

Deku in his vigilante mode (Image via Studio Bones)
Deku in his vigilante mode (Image via Studio Bones)

The preview for My Hero Academia season 6 episode 22 was recently released and set the internet abuzz with Deku's vigilante form. As the preview comes to an end, the future Number 1 hero doesn't say his well-known catchphrase, "Plus Ultra," which is supposed to fill the hearts of civilians with hope, thereby setting the tone for an arc that gets darker by the second.

My Hero Academia season 6 covers the Paranormal Liberation War arc and the Dark Hero arcs of the manga, with episode 22 set to be the focal point of the latter. The upcoming episode is set to air on Saturday, March 4, 2023.

Disclaimer: This article will contain My Hero Academia anime and manga spoilers.

The preview to My Hero Academia season 6 episode 22 ends without Izuku Midoriya saying "Plus Ultra," leaving the fanbase worried about his future


Manga readers have long known what's in store for Deku after his disillusionment in the Paranormal Liberation War arc and its aftermath, as anime watchers are reeling in shock at the future symbol of peace's transformation. "Plus Ultra" as a catchphrase ensures that if the hero says the words, it goes beyond all limitations and finds a way to persist against all odds, something that has characterized Deku's journey throughout.

The green-haired protagonist's utterance of "Plus Ultra" is reminiscent of All Might's proclamation of his presence with a reassuring smile, both of which serve to instill confidence among citizens about things being alright. Both utterances are born of an optimistic self-confidence that guarantees that the heroes will save the world, precisely a form of confidence that Deku lacks in his current stage.

However, Deku has given up his training at the U.A. and adopted a much darker form in recent chapters to save his comrades. He employs the Blackwhip Quirk in his most terrifying form, with tendrils sprouting from his back and being covered in darkness thanks to his Dark Deku look. It feels natural that his gloominess and disillusionment will prevent him from saying his hopeful catchphrase.

My Hero Academia season 6 episode 22 preview also focuses on other characters

My Hero Academia season 6 episode 22, titled The Lovely Lady Nagant, is set to uncover more of Lady Nagant's backstories and motivations. The preview focused on Endeavor talking over his mobile phone before cutting away to feature Edgeshot. Additionally, members of the League of Villains make an appearance, as well as Deku in his dark/vigilante mode.

Fans can catch up on the anime on Crunchyroll and Netflix and read the manga on MangaPlus and Viz Media.

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