My Hero Academia’s latest Marvel reference has fans cheering mangaka Horikoshi

The heroes All Might and Tony Stark (Image via Sportskeeda)
The heroes All Might and Tony Stark (Image via Sportskeeda)

The influence of Western comics on his manga at large and especially the superhero genre has been acknowledged by Kohei Horikoshi, the My Hero Academia mangaka time and again. Nowhere is this most evident in the Quirk-based society that this popular shonen series envisages, and its numerous discriminatory practices and social attitudes.

The most recent chapter's spoilers, number 386, have manifested the influence on Marvel in entirely new ways, leaving My Hero Academia fans excited over the prospect of seeing the upcoming conflict in future panels. One fan, Twitter user @RukasuMHA, went so far as to include this new development at the cliffhanger of chapter 386, before connecting it to the mangaka's own words in Shonen Jump.

Disclaimer: This article will contain manga spoilers from My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia shows the legacy of Marvel on its creator through a suit of armour after chapter 386 spoilers are revealed

My Hero Academia chapter 386 spoilers state that young AFO is more vicious and powerful, and back at the Command Center, Tsukauchi is heard yelling at the comm. In another scene, All Might gets out of his car and says, "This has always been my battle," as he watches AFO fly closer. He ignores Tsukauchi’s pleas to flee, wondering if AFO’s increasing hatred is a byproduct of Shigaraki’s emotions.

His briefcase and car turn into an armor as he finishes his sentence, and All Might declares, "I am here." The very scene of All Might putting on his suit of armor is reminiscent of everyone's favorite Tony Stark, or Marvel's Iron Man. There are similarities down to the thematic aspects of the storytelling, as Iron Man's first moment of suiting up is a symbol of how a non-powered individual in a superhuman society can use his grit and wit to fight and make a difference.

All Might or Toshinori Yagi has remained an integral part of the My Hero Academia story from his very introduction, not only as the protagonist Izuku Midoriya's mentor figure but also as an important figure in his own right. However, his role has been largely relegated to that of an advisor after losing the last embers of One for All -- until chapter 386. Horikoshi's own reference to his fondness for the Mark 5 armour becomes relevant in this regard.

The very fact that Deku or Izuku Midoriya is My Hero Academia world's own unique take on Spider-Man makes this scene even more emotionally relevant if one looks at the concluding events of MCU's Phase IV. Iron Man had returned to action partly because of his desire to help his protege Spider-Man before sacrificing himself. Here, All Might's desire to try his best -- even if futilely -- ominously points to a similar tendency.

What fans are saying about this scene

Fans kept reposting the manga panel, highlighting their excitement for the return to action of the once seemingly-invincible Symbol of Peace, especially in a form befitting everyone's favorite "genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist" trope.

Shonen anime is not new to the idea of killing off mentors and the manga is soon to be complete. This might also inspire Deku to undergo his last metamorphosis, which defeats the bad guys in a style reminiscent of Naruto.

As such, All Might's final swansong might soon be envisioned by Horikoshi's pen, and it would be a fitting end to see him die without powers, fighting till the end, enabling his story to come back full circle to a time when he had seen his protege rush into battle despite having powers of his own.