Naruto fans called misogynists after Sakura's unexpected victory blows everyone away

A shocking twist in results from a Narutop99 poll has ignited a fire in the franchise
A shocking twist in results from a Narutop99 poll has ignited a fire in the franchise's fanbase (Image via Studio Pierrot)

The results of the Narutop99’s Best Bout poll were recently released on the official Studio Pierrot YouTube page. As the final minutes of the 16-minute result announcement video reveal, Sakura and Granny Chiyo's fight against Sasori of the Red Sand fight was declared the winner of the top rank over other iconic fights from the series.

The fights beaten out include Naruto classics such as Rock Lee versus Gaara and the final fight between Sasuke and the series’ eponymous protagonist. While the Sakura and Chiyo versus Sasori fight is still a classic for the series, many fans have been upset over how the results of the top spots ended up going.

In fact, some fans’ pushback on the official poll’s results has been intense, while other fans of the series are labeling this complaintive sect of the fanbase as “misogynists.”

Naruto fanbase divided yet again after Sakura takes home first place for the best fight in the entire series

Following the upload of the results announcement video on Friday, April 7, 2023, the series’ fanbase became divided over the associated placings of various fights. While there are plenty of exciting and awe-inspiring bouts in the Naruto series, and not every single fight can be in the exclusive upper echelon, many fans think that the first place result is a mistake.

Various sections of the franchise’s fandom are now dividing lines in the sand, picking sides among themselves as to whether or not Sakura’s fight is deserving of first place. While the Chiyo and Sakura versus Sasori fight is technically sound, well-choreographed, and of overall excellent quality, many agree that it was not deserving of the top spot.

In response, several Sakura fans and followers of the series have come forward to defend the fight. Some even went on to call out those fans who support the male characters' fights as misogynists.

Naruto fans who have such an opinion are pointing to several key fights to make this argument, some of which even occupy the top three alongside Sakura’s. Might Guy versus Madara Uchiha, Rock Lee versus Gaara, both rounds of Sasuke and the series’ eponymous protagonist, and more are all bouts which fans feel were more worthy of first place.

Others, meanwhile, are arguing that the Sakura fight is undoubtedly one of the best in the entire series. While both opinions are subjective, the topic is a divisive one that serves as a hotspot for many types of series fans. Likewise, this has led to some insults and intense debate going around.

Some Naruto fans are now calling out those who are critiquing the placement of Sakura’s fight in the poll “misogynists.” However, this seems to be a small portion of the franchise’s fanbase. Furthermore, these fans are providing no true evidence of detractors from the fight being misogynistic regarding Sakura.

In the same breath, it’s also worth noting that the poll was available for fans worldwide to vote and participate in, as many are pointing out. Likewise, it’s a good representation of who the fans care about within the series. While some are arguing that there could be a large section of the fanbase that didn’t vote, this somewhat invalidates the critiques made with such evidence, as those fans likely don’t care enough to dispute the final results.

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