New characters revealed for Pokemon 2023 anime 

The new cat-like Grass-type starter Sprigatito in the Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet anime (Image via OLM Studios)
The new cat-like Grass-type starter Sprigatito in the Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet anime (Image via OLM Studios)

New characters, who will be a part of Professor Friede's traveling crew, were announced for the upcoming Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet anime adaptation. The news that Ash would be replaced by new protagonists has received mixed responses from long-term fans. However, the announcement of a new Pikachu has caused many to sigh in relief.

This new Pikachu, called Captain Pikachu, will accompany Professor Friede in the new anime. After the game was made available to eager audiences all over the world on November 18, 2022, the anime version of Scarlet and Violet is scheduled to debut on April 14, 2023.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will feature Metagross, Rockruff, and Chansey as primary companion Pokemon

Three of the four new characters who will appear in the anime are confirmed to be trainers, according to the most recent announcement. The first on the list is Orio, a girl who will be voiced by Ayane Sakura. We already know that Orio is a fan of mechanical objects and technology and that her battle partner is the Steel/Psychic pseudo-legendary Metagross.

After Orio, we have Mardock and his partner Rockruff, a Rock-type fighter who resembles a small dog and is the first form of Lycanroc. He will be voiced by Kenta Miyake. Morii is the third person on the list and is slated to be a healer-type character, perhaps similar to Nurse Joey. Like Nurse Joey, he will have the fairy-type Chancey as his partner. He will be voiced by Kei Shindo.

Joining these three is an elderly man called Landou, who will be voiced by Ikkyu Juku. Not much is known about Landou yet, or even his Partners, but the fisherman-esque aesthetic is sure to make way for some interesting storylines.

What can fans expect from Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet?

Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet will include a slew of new creatures, as well as past (ancient) and future versions of pre-existing entities known as Paradox Pokemon. This season is set in Paldea, a region loosely based on the Iberian Peninsula, which includes Spain, Portugal, and Andorra. The biggest revelation of this season, however, was the change in protagonists.

Fans have followed Ash Ketchum and his faithful partner and best friend Pikachu across the eight preceding seasons of Pokemon. They are well acquainted with the ups and downs in his journey to becoming a Master and have rooted for him as he won the Alolan Tournament in Season VII and then went on to become World Champion in Season VIII. This naturally means that Ash's story has reached its well-deserved conclusion.

As a result, new characters Liko and Roy will assume the roles of protagonists in the anime Scarlet and Violet. They shall have brand new adventures along with the three Paldean starters, Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly.

However, it does not mean that the mascot Pikachu will disappear from the anime completely. This new iteration of our favorite electric mouse will be called Captain Pikachu, and it is set to accompany Professor Friede.

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