New Naruto manga to be announced in 2023 by Kishimoto following Narutop99

Narutop99 cover (Image via Twitter)
Narutop99 cover (Image via Twitter/@NARUTO_info_en)

The recently concluded Jump Festa 2023 announced Narutop99, a global popularity poll being held in celebration of Naruto's 20th anniversary. Under this poll, the character with the maximum number of votes will receive their own manga series drawn by Naruto's mangaka, Masashi Kishimoto himself.

The voting process is currently ongoing and will conclude on January 31, 2023. Kishimoto will announce the new manga series after the voting ends.

Kishimoto to announce new Naruto manga based on Narutop99 results


Narutop99 is the first voting poll for the series that is being conducted on a global scale. The poll, which is being held in celebration of Naruto's 20th anniversary, allows fans to vote for their favorite character in the Narutoverse. There are over 450 characters for people to choose from.

Fans will be allowed to cast one vote per day up to January 31, 2023, and the results of the polls will be revealed in April 2023. The top 20 characters in the popularity pole will be illustrated personally by Masashi Kishimoto himself. They will also be made into special figurines by Bandai.

The character with the maximum number of votes in the popularity poll will receive their own short manga series, which Kishimoto will announce in 2023 after the voting process concludes.

The announcement of Narutop99 was promoted by Kishimoto using a new illustration where he encouraged fans to vote for their favorite characters.

A letter from Masashi Kishimoto announcing the poll (Image via Jump Comics)
A letter from Masashi Kishimoto announcing the poll (Image via Jump Comics)

He also wrote an accompanying message stating:

"NARUTO has done many character popularity surveys in Japan's Shōnen Jump magazine, but this is our first time doing a vote on a global scale, so I'm excited to see which characters will make it to the top ranks! I'm eagerly awaiting lots of votes from fans around the world!!"

How can fans vote for their favorite character?

Fans can visit the official Japanese website to participate in Narutop99. Once on the website, they need to click on the Vote Now Link to access the selection page. After that, they can choose from one of the 488 Naruto characters and pick the one they want to vote for.

There is no need to log in or create an account. Fans can vote by going on the website, choosing which character they want to vote for, and mentioning their own gender and age. After completing these three steps, the vote will automatically be submitted.

Fans can vote in the fan popularity poll once every day from December 17 to January 31. They can also share their votes by posting about it on Twitter.

The initiative by Kishimoto and the rest of the Naruto team is a golden opportunity for fans to choose which side character will get their own spin-off manga series.

Narutop99 has fans all over the world hyped. The #NARUTOP99 hashtag is trending on Twitter, with fans voting for their favorite characters daily and hoping for their win in the popularity poll.

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