Attack on Titan review-bombed by Breaking Bad fans after receiving 10/10 episode rating

Like Eren, Attack on Titan fans are determined to fight for their beliefs (Image via MAPPA Studios)
Like Eren, Attack on Titan fans are determined to fight for their beliefs (Image via MAPPA Studios)

Attack on Titan (AoT) has become one of the most popular animanga in recent history and the current industry landscape. A recent episode of the second half of AoT's final season recently received a 10/10 perfect rating on IMDb.

In jealous retaliation, however, Breaking Bad fans began bombing the episode and series with one-star ratings. This is in retaliation to the 14th episode of Breaking Bad’s fifth season titled “Ozymandias” being dethroned as IMDb’s top-rated episode.

Follow along as this article breaks down the entire situation.

Attack on Titan series and episode “Two Brothers” gets review-bombed after contending for Breaking Bad’s “Ozymandias” top-rated episode title on IMDb

The story so far

In the wake of “Two Brothers” meteoric rise in IMDb popularity, Breaking Bad fans have begun review-bombing the AoT episode before it can dethrone “Ozymandias” for the top spot.

In just 24 hours after releasing, the AoT episode climbed to the second spot behind “Ozymandias” and received a 10/10 rating from 90% of viewers who rated the episode. These 20,000 fans gave the episode a 10/10 rating while praising the show overall and the episode in particular.

In retaliation, Breaking Bad fans began bombing “Two Brothers” and other top ten episodes of AoT with negative reviews. Consequentially, “Two Brothers” lost its perfect rating, dropping to a 9.9/10, and went from the second spot to the fourteenth in the top-rated TV episodes category.

Ironically, considering the show's messages on war, AoT fans fought back by review-bombing “Ozymandias” as well as other Breaking Bad episodes. As a result, shows like Game of Thrones and Chernobyl saw boosts in their ratings on the IMDb website.

AoT fans seem to constantly find themselves in these types of review wars, whether with other anime or live-action Western television. Before this conflict, AoT fans recently found themselves in a similar fight with the One Piece community over ratings and rankings.

In summation

While the war between Attack on Titan and Breaking Bad fandoms is indeed heating up, it’s far from surprising. The anime community in general and in particular the Attack on Titan fandom have resorted to these kinds of tactics before.

Supporting a show and wanting it to receive critical and commercial acclaim is normal and something which emphasizes the quality of a story. Yet going out of one’s way to negatively review and impact other television shows is incredibly unproductive and unnecessary.

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