Berserk's official website posts mysterious countdown, causing fans to let theories fly

Fans are optimistic that Studio 4℃ will return to adapting Berserk when the upcoming announcement arrives (Image via Studio 4℃)
Fans are optimistic that Studio 4℃ will return to adapting Berserk when the upcoming announcement arrives (Image via Studio 4℃)

A mysterious countdown that was recently posted to the official website of Berserk: The Golden Age Arc-Memorial Edition has fans super intrigued. The timer is shown over a colored image of Griffith’s unactivated Behelit, which fans saw him carry around during the Golden Age arc.

This Berserk countdown is set to end on Saturday, December 10 at 12:30 PM EST, at which point many fans anticipate a new adaptation announcement for the series will be made. While some are confident an anime adaptation of some form is in the works for the late great Kentaro Miura’s Berserk manga series, others have suggested alternate options for what the announcement could be.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down this latest Berserk tease, as well as what fans primarily suspect to be the upcoming reveal.

Berserk countdown suggests to many new anime adaptation, either in form of Studio 4℃ movie or television anime

The countdown on Berserk’s website for the Golden Age Arc film re-release provides no information other than the timer itself. While some believe the image of Griffith's Behelit in the background to suggest something important, many are fairly certain that it doesn't mean much apropos the announcement, and is only there because of the website's focus on the Golden Age arc films, which feature Behelit prominently.

When translated, the text above the timer reads "another thing," most likely suggesting an announcement of some new adaptation or other material for the franchise. As previously stated, the countdown timer indicates that the announcement will be made on Saturday, December 10 at 12:30 PM EST. This translates to 1:30 AM on Sunday, December 11 for Japanese fans.

The early-morning Japanese release date for the announcement related to the series suggests that it will be released by sources outside of Japan. If the announcement was planned with Japanese fans, a Japan-based event, or a convention in mind, the release time for Japanese citizens would have been much earlier in the day.

However, most of the above information is speculation, with no news on this upcoming project other than a countdown timer. As a result, fans online have been speculating about what exactly the reveal may be. While many are hoping for new anime episodes, some argue it will be a figure or manga announcement instead.

Others are instead making inside jokes with other fans of the series, with one user commenting on how the countdown is the remaining time until the Eclipse arrives. While responses like these are getting cheers from other fans, many are trying to make serious predictions about what this new Berserk announcement might be.

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