Black Clover Manga goes on 2 weeks hiatus due to creator Tabata's poor health

Black Clover puts Asta
Black Clover puts Asta's bright future on hold temporarily in light of author and illustrator Yuki Tabata's recent health (Image via Shueisha)

Shueisha's 50th issue of this year's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, which was officially released on Monday, revealed that Yuki Tabata's Black Clover is now on hiatus for two weeks. While Tabata's absence from the magazine's 50th issue was planned and previously announced, his absence from the upcoming 51st issue was recently confirmed by Tabata's camp.

The creator, author, and illustrator of Black Clover has been diagnosed with a "sudden illness," with no further information on his condition available as of the writing of this article. The series is currently scheduled to return with the magazine's 52nd and final issue of the year, on November 28, 2022.

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Black Clover’s electric storyline put on halt temporarily as Yuki Tabata faces unforeseen health issues

The latest

As previously stated, Black Clover's Yuki Tabata intended to take only one week off from the serialization of his smash-hit manga series. However, his health has obviously deteriorated, as evidenced by this latest report of the hiatus being extended to a total of two weeks as of the writing of this article.

Black Clover has recently become one of Shueisha's most popular series, as well as the best series to be currently serialized by the manga giant. As a result, fans were devastated to learn of the abrupt break. While disappointed, fans have done nothing but show their support for Tabata's decision to take time off to deal with this "sudden illness."

Meanwhile, fans are speculating on what might happen when the series returns in Weekly Shonen Jump's 52nd and final issue of the year. Fans last saw Asta seemingly identify his ideal Zetten release before succumbing to Yami Ichika. This was followed by the arrival of Sister Lily and two previously unseen Paladins to Hino Country's borders.

Many people believe a full-fledged battle will erupt between the two groups of three, i.e., Asta, Yami Ichika, and Ryudo Ryuya versus Sister Lily and her two Paladins. While not confirmed, fans believe the Paladin seen standing to Sister Lily's left is Heath Grice, who was previously thought to be dead.

The other Paladin's identity is also unknown, but fans believe it is either Rades Spirito or Revchi Salik. The former will be remembered by fans as a member of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, who used his magic to control zombies. Fans will recall the latter as the series' first antagonist, against whom Asta fights and triumphs after first discovering his Anti-Magic Grimoire.

In any case, nothing is certain until the Black Clover release schedule process begins, following Tabata's healthy return. Fans can expect spoilers and raw scans to start leaking around Wednesday, November 23, 2022, assuming no additional delays occur beyond what is known at the time of writing.

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