Bleach: TYBW anime set to stream on Hulu in USA, Disney+ internationally

The highly-anticipated upcoming series finally has a confirmed means of streaming just one week before its premiere (Image via Studio Pierrot)
The highly-anticipated upcoming series finally has a confirmed means of streaming just one week before its premiere (Image via Studio Pierrot)

It has finally been revealed how international viewers will be able to stream the upcoming Bleach: TYBW anime premiere, which is just days away. Earlier this year, rumors circulated that Disney had purchased the exclusive licensing rights, which appear to have been confirmed by this latest announcement.

Fan reaction has certainly been an exciting one to this news, this is primarily due to the confirmation finally arriving rather than being excited about Disney's acquisition of the streaming rights. Nevertheless, fans are still excited over the highly-anticipated confirmation of Bleach: TYBW’s streaming details.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down the latest news, as well as recaps important Bleach: TYBW release information and more.

Streaming details about Bleach: TYBW series announced, confirms Disney’s acquisition of exclusive rights

Fans have finally received confirmation of the highly-anticipated upcoming series' streaming information via the official Bleach: TYBW website and VIZ Media. While rumors circulated earlier this year that Disney had bought the exclusive streaming rights, fans did not receive any official confirmation.

In fact, the first indication of this report’s validity since initially breaking came from the release of Crunchyroll’s full Fall 2022 lineup and schedule. Fans instantly noticed that the upcoming adaptation was nowhere to be found in the October section of releases, leading many to assert that Disney had indeed acquired the streaming rights. However, this was still unconfirmed at the time.

Now, just weeks after this apparent unofficial confirmation, fans finally have an official announcement on Disney’s acquisition of the exclusive streaming rights. In the United States, fans will be able to catch the series on Hulu, while international viewers will have to go to Disney+ to catch the upcoming adaptation.

The series is set to premiere on Monday, October 10 at 12 AM Japanese Standard Time. The late Japanese premiere is done to avoid censorship of the series, which makes sense given how violent the content of the source material is. For most international viewers, this will translate to a Sunday, October 9 release date, with times ranging from 8 AM PST to 11 PM PHT.

The series will also be a four-cour one, meaning there will be at least 52 episodes total in the series. However, these episodes will likely air in a segmented manner of 13 episodes at a time, with a few weeks' or even a few months' break between each cour.

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