Classroom for Heroes anime reveals release date, new trailer, and more

Classroom for Heroes anime reveals release date, new trailer, and more (Image via Studio Actas)
Classroom for Heroes anime reveals release date, new trailer, and more (Image via Studio Actas)

On Monday, June 5, 2023, an announcement pertaining to the television anime adaptation of author Shin Araki and illustrator Haruyuki Morisawa’s Classroom for Heroes light novel series was released. A promotional video, release date, and opening song were all part of the announcement information.

A livestream event titled Rosewood Academy Admission Briefing that will undoubtedly unveil more about the series was also confirmed in the announcement. While the staff behind Classroom for Heroes have not confirmed this, the title of the live stream event suggests that it will be informative in some way.

The latest Classroom for Heroes announcement also reconfirms the cast and staff for the upcoming series, many of whom can be seen in the promotional video. With the series set to premiere in the Summer of 2023, excitement for arguably one of the biggest upcoming sleeper series is reaching its peak.

Classroom for Heroes anime adaptation set to premiere on July 9, will compete with a packed Summer 2023 season

Classroom for Heroes is set to premiere on Sunday, July 9, 2023, at 11 PM Japanese Standard Time on the TOKYO MX channel. The series will then premiere on Sun TV and KBS Kyoto, airing on BS NTV the day after at a yet-specified time.

As mentioned above, the series’ cast will hold a livestream event on Sunday, July 2 at 8 PM JST on their YouTube and Nico Nico channel. The full cast list includes (with unofficial character Romanizations):

  • Reiji Kawashima as Blade
  • Misuzu Yamada as Arnest Flaming
  • Nao Tōyama as Sophi
  • Hina Kino as Cú Chulainn
  • Eri Yukimura as Claire
  • Haruka Shiraishi as Jessica
  • Sarah Emi Bridcutt as Maria/Moe
  • Aya Uchida as Iona
  • Shūichi Uchida as Clay
  • Tomohiro Ōno as Cassim
  • Tomohito Takatsuka as Leonard
  • Konomi Kohara as Eliza
  • Rikiya Koyama as King Gilgamesh
  • Tetsu Inada as Asmodeus

The series will be animated by Actas Studios and directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi. Naoki Hayashi is writing and supervising the scripts. Kosuke Kawamura is the character designer and chief animation director. Akane Kumada is performing the series’ ending theme song Another Self, and the opening theme Bravery? Naturally? will be performed by VTuber Kaede Higuchi.

The series is set in Rosewood Academy, a school that trains future heroes who are destined to protect mankind. Only those with the most potential are accepted, such as Arnest Flaming, a girl boasting the top record in the academy overall. She’s assigned to guide a mysterious but cheerful new student named Blade, who somehow shockingly rivals her own power.

The series was first published in January 2015 under Shueisha’s Dash X Bunko light novel label. Morisawa has exclusively done illustrations for the series since and including this first volume. The 14th volume is set to ship in Japan on June 23 of this year.

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