Deku overtakes Bakugo in the French My Hero Academia popularity poll

Bakugo and Deku from My Hero Academia (Image via Shueisha)
Bakugo and Deku from My Hero Academia (Image via Shueisha)

Renowned French manga publisher Ki-oon recently declared the results of its latest My Hero Academia popularity poll on Twitter, and it seems that Deku has finally surpassed Bakugo, who usually secures the top spot in such polls.

Weekly Shonen Jump too has come out with its seventh popularity poll this year, and even though Bakugo still holds the no. 1 position there, Deku winning the French poll indicates that the tables might turn in the future.

Deku surpasses Bakugo in the 2022 Ki-oon My Hero Academia popularity poll

Ki-oon 2022 MHA popularity poll results:

  1. Izuku Midoriya
  2. Katsuki Bakugo
  3. Shoto Todoroki

This was the third My Hero Academia popularity contest held by the publisher this year, and they announced the results on Tuesday, October 18, via their official Twitter page. The publisher had reportedly held two other polls previously. It seems Deku is more popular among French fans as this isn't the first time that he has won a contest held by Ki-oon.

A My Hero Academia fan on Twitter (Image via Twitter)
A My Hero Academia fan on Twitter (Image via Twitter)

However, fan reactions to the tweet have been mixed. While some are congratulating Deku, others are wondering why Bakugo didn't make it, like he usually does.

Some are surprised by the result (Image via Twitter)
Some are surprised by the result (Image via Twitter)

A brief history of the My Hero Academia popularity polls

Popularity polls have always been a core element in shonen fandoms. Hosted online by Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, they engage the fans directly and allow them to voice their opinions. Regardless of the mangaka’s take on a particular character, the popularity polls give us a direct account of what the fandom truly thinks.

The first official My Hero Academia popularity poll was held on chapter 52 of the manga in November 2016, and Deku reigned supreme in the result. In the second poll for chapter 120, Bakugo stole the crown and has held it since. Deku remained at the No. 2 position, swapping places with Todoroki only in the fourth poll in November 2018.

The results were similar for the US division of the publisher. Many have argued that it does not make sense for Bakugo to be at the top given his unsavory personality, something the fandom still debates on.

Deku, however, has never been far off from claiming the No. 1 position. His recent first position in the 2022 Ki-oon poll is a victory for the Deku fans.

When Crunchyroll hosted their My Hero Academia popularity poll in 2018, it was Deku whom the fans chose as No. 1, followed by Todoroki, with Bakugo way below at No. 7. There have been several unofficial polls hosted online, and the results always had one of them at the top.

The complex relationship between the two shonen heroes has split the fandom with the debate of who is better. Their rivalry has been an essential narrative in the series, and giving a concrete answer to the question of who is better is not ideal.

When it comes to strength, Midoriya’s Quirk, One for All, is potentially way stronger than Bakugo’s Explosion, but Deku has yet to master the inherited power. But when it comes to popularity, Bakugo somehow manages to defeat Deku almost every time.

As of now, it remains to be seen whether Deku will ever surpass Bakugo in the future My Hero Academia popularity polls, but judging by the 2022 Ki-oon result, it is looking hopeful.