Dr. Stone Chapter 228: Why-man's identity revealed, Senku offers a gift, and more

The master of the Medusas is revealed in Dr. Stone Chapter 228 (Image via Shueisha Shonen Jump)
The master of the Medusas is revealed in Dr. Stone Chapter 228 (Image via Shueisha Shonen Jump)

Dr. Stone Chapter 228 was released officially on Sunday, February 6, much to the joy of fans everywhere. Dr. Stone Chapter 228 was incredibly well-written and engaging, despite being a text-heavy chapter.

One of the benefits of Dr. Stone Chapter 228 being text-heavy is the plethora of information fans received this issue. Thankfully, even more information is teased to come in the next chapter.

This article does a full break-down of the exciting and enlightening Dr. Stone Chapter 228.

Mass petrification info tease and more present in

Dr. Stone

Chapter 228: Unexpected introductions

Dr. Stone Chapter 228 starts where the previous issue left off. Senku, Kohaku, and Stanley have finally arrived at Why-man’s lunar location. In response, Why-man attempted to launch an attack on them with the Medusa devices by attempting to trick Kohaku.

Chapter 228 begins shortly after this attempt, with Senku announcing it’s clear what the black spot on the moon was. Shots of a curious mission control group are seen while Chrome begs for more info on the situation.

The next page highlights that the black spot the Kingdom of Science had seen was indeed a vast collection of Medusa devices. The reason for the black spot’s constant changing is a lack of gravity causing some Medusas to float away.

Senku, Stanley, and Kohaku admire the area before Kohaku focuses on their own Medusa device, still floating within its containment unit above the moon’s surface. In a shocking revelation, Senku calls out the Medusa devices as being Why-man’s true identity, and the ones who launched last chapter’s attack.

The Medusa within the containment device confirms this, and mission control is seen briefly reacting before a flashback begins of all the Medusa device incidents. As this flashback occurs, Senku deduces that the Medusas at large are the “machine life-forms” that form Why-man.

The title page for Dr. Stone Chapter 228 follows, with the chapter called Life Stone. In response, the containment device Medusa asks if they want to die. Senku realizes this is the same message Why-man last said after dodging the petri-beam.

Senku and Chrome seem to simultaneously deduce that the Medusas aren’t trying to kill humanity, but rather to prevent death in general. Senku and Gen are both seen considering the revelation, with Gen intensely pondering the matter. His opinions will likely be made known in the near future.

Dr. Stone Chapter 228: An exchange of gifts

Nevertheless, Gen comes out of his train of thought to remind Senku that negotiations with new political entities have historically begun with an exchange of gifts. Kohaku notes that the team didn’t bring anything, before questioning what the Medusas could even possibly want or make sense.

#DrSTONE228 So the Medusas are saying they will grant humans semi-immortality in exchange for diamond batteries/maintenance. And the petrifications were supposed to be a demonstration of that power to entice humans?

Senku reminds himself that the Medusas must operate according to replicable rules, meaning there’s science behind their existence. Abandoning that thought, Senku affirms that their asking of whether or not the crew wanted to die indicates survival is integrally important to the Medusas as well.

Senku addresses Why-man (which he admits isn’t the most appropriate name, but uses it nevertheless) and says they unfortunately can’t currently make more Medusas. Continuing, Senku does say he can replenish their life-force with new diamond batteries as an offering of a gift.

However, Senku asks for something in return, which Gen picks up on and reminds Senku to be cool and collected. As usual, niceties are proven to not be Senku’s forte, as the scientist demands the petri-beams stop randomly going off due to the Medusa’s interventions.

#DrSTONE228 #DrSTONE ...Peak and Interesting Chapter🔥The Why-man was always with them, can't believe it was the Medusa itself, so they can be considered an AI

The containment Medusa asks why, before a shot of a diamond battery with a “klik” onomatopoeia shown next to it. Seemingly implying the device’s activation, Stanley instantly reacts and reaches for his gun. However, another Medusa asks Stanley to stop and be still for a few moments.

Apparently, this interaction makes it clear to Stanley that the Medusas and Why-man aren’t a single, hive-mind like entity acting in unison. Senku then expresses his intuition that the Medusas want maintenance done on them, and that the petri-beam is proof of that.

Dr. Stone Chapter 228: Final pages and a tease for next issue

This prompts Xeno to internally monologue, considering that petrification’s offer of everlasting life could be a way to spur humanity forward. Xeno ends this train of thought by calling the Medusas true mechanical parasites, complimenting their elegance as organisms.

For all the concerns regarding how #DrSTONE would handle its core twist, I think they might have nailed it.No alien lifeforms. No malicious enemy. Just a detached scientific phenomenon. #DrSTONE228 was completely in character, and I have to respect that.

The containment Medusa confirms this deduction, before beginning to discuss the mass petrification from thousands of years ago. In the chapter’s final page, the Medusa begins “comprehensive communication of information” relating to the mass petrification event.

The series is not on break, meaning fans can expect the next chapter of Dr. Stone to release with the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

Dr. Stone Chapter 228: Wrapping up

Despite being incredibly text-heavy, Dr. Stone Chapter 228 is one of the series’ most engaging and promising chapters to date. The long-awaited reveal of Why-man arguably marks the beginning of the series’ climax, which is seemingly poised to continue in Chapter 229.


Furthermore, fans of the series will finally be getting an (expectedly) massive lore dump regarding the original mass petrification event. Included within this lore will likely be the reveal of the creator of the Medusas, and what their intent was for the devices’ creation.

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