Dr. Stone Chapter 227 raw scans: Why-man's move, a possible traitor, and more

Dr. Stone Chapter 227 potentially shows Senku figuring out Why-man. (Image via megibluedragon/Tumblr)
Dr. Stone Chapter 227 potentially shows Senku figuring out Why-man. (Image via megibluedragon/Tumblr)

Dr. Stone Chapter 227 raw scans have been released this morning, and with them Chapter 227 looks it will be a very exciting chapter. The Moon Mission arc seems poised to begin its climactic approach, with Why-man seemingly returning and making a move against the Kingdom of Science.

Unfortunately, the raw scans released are in Korean and will take some time to translate for further clarification on this matter. Considering what’s seen in the raw scans of the chapters, it seems almost definitive that Why-man has made a move.

Follow along as this article breaks down the full Dr. Stone Chapter 227's raw scans.


Dr. Stone Chapter 227 raw scans show the beginning of the Moon Mission arc’s climactic confrontation

Dr. Stone Chapter 227: Opening act

Dr. Stone Chapter 227 begins where Chapter 226 left off, with the team of Senku, Stanley, and Kohaku having landed on the moon’s surface. Senku seems to internally discuss how clean the moon’s surface is post-petrification relative to Earth. Shots of mission control are seen as a discussion goes on, which ends with one of the astronauts pulling out a Medusa device.

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The Medusa is in a pill-shaped container with a microphone on the inside so the device can still be used. Chelsea then says something which seemingly upsets or confuses Yo and Kinro. Ryusui then says something from the piecemeal space station which either comes from or is said as the speaker on the Medusa containment device says something.

The next few panels themselves aren’t terribly clear without a text translation. However, it seems like Kohaku realizes the Medusa can still be spoken to and says something about it. For whatever reason, she almost follows this up with a 10-meters, one-second Medusa command. Thankfully, Senku and Stanley stop her in time.

Dr. Stone Chapter 227: Middle section

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Gen, Kohaku, Stanley, and Senku then seem to spend some time discussing the incident before the latter three get moving. As they begin driving their lunar rover, Gen and Minami have a discussion over panels of moon exploration by the other three. Xeno, Chelsea, Ryusui, and Stanley all then seem to have a discussion as the crew approaches another lunar lander.

In a fantastic inclusion, it seems as though the Kingdom of Science has stumbled upon the Apollo 11 moon landing area. A beautifully-stoic and still-petrified American flag is seen near the now-extremely-dilapidated wreckage of the lunar lander. The crew seem to discuss the sight (with Senku likely explaining the significance) as they continue their search for Why-man on the moon.

The next page gives fans a beautiful two-page spread showcasing an extremely craterous area of the moon at large. Perspective narrows in on the moon exploration team in time for a startling event. As far as can be inferred, Why-man has found a way to access the Medusa containment device microphone and has begun speaking to the team through it.

Dr. Stone Chapter 227: Final act

While unconfirmable without at least a fan translation, the implication of certain panels seems to be that a traitor is amidst the Kingdom of Science citizens. Ukyo’s reaction to these events would support this theory, which is still unconfirmed. Nevertheless, the Medusa device begins to activate as a panel of Why-man stylized as Senku appears with untranslated speech bubbles.

The three launch the Medusa device into the air and jump off the lunar lander. While this does flip the lunar lander (with no confirmation of damage yet) it does save all of them as the Medusa safely goes off above the moon’s surface. Mission control and Ryusui (who can see the Medusa go off) are incredibly shocked by this development.

It seems as though the Medusa has either landed on the dark side of the moon (the team’s destination) or at the bottom of a massive crater in their area. Regardless, the next few panels seem to show everyone realizing the implications of a lost Medusa device which Why-man can control. The chapter ends with Senku seemingly resolving himself to get the Medusa device back and bring it under their control.

In summation

Senku seems to have finally figiured out Why-man in Dr. Stone Chapter 227 (Image via TMS Entertainment)
Senku seems to have finally figiured out Why-man in Dr. Stone Chapter 227 (Image via TMS Entertainment)

While fan translations and the official release will certainly provide more clarity, Dr. Stone Chapter 227's raw scans paint a very exciting chapter. Why-man seemingly making the first move is a great twist, and also confirms that he’s aware of the Kingdom of Science’s interstellar presence.

Furthermore, the perceived development of a Kingdom of Science traitor is also something which will make the confrontation even more exciting. Illustrator Boichi and author Riichiro Inagaki should also be commended for their inclusion of the Apollo 11 lunar lander and American flag.

Follow along for more Dr. Stone Chapter 227 news, as well as other series news or articles about the series.

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