Jump Festa 2022: Bleach Anime trailer & key visual release date and time for all regions

Protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki as seen in the Bleach anime. (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki as seen in the Bleach anime. (Image via Studio Pierrot)

The Bleach fandom is eagerly awaiting Jump Festa '22 in anticipation of Thousand Year Blood War anime news. With today’s panel timing release, fans are confirmed to have important information awaiting them at Jump Festa ‘22.

Shueisha’s annual in-house festival, Jump Festa, is days away from kicking off its 2021 festivities. As the day approaches, hype is building up as panel schedules have begun releasing.

Follow along as this article highlights panel timings and the significance of the Thousand Year Blood War arc's adaptation.

Bleach fans rejoice as Thousand Year Blood War anime arc is set to receive trailer and key visual at Jump Festa ‘22

Bleach panel regional timings

As Jump Festa ‘22 approaches, the timings for the panel of each series panel have begun releasing. The tweet below, from Twitter user @animegalaxypage, showcases the different timings of the panel for various regions.

It is important to remember that while Jump Festa ‘22 will be available to stream internationally through their website, the timings are still based on the Japanese region. As a result, United States and other regional fans may be disappointed to see the corresponding panel timings for their respective countries.

Nevertheless, these are the times fans must be present at if they wish to watch the full panels live. For those who won’t be making the panel, there’s nothing to worry about as the trailer and key visuals will undoubtedly become viewable elsewhere online after the panel ends.

Significance of Bleach’s Thousand Year Blood War arc being adapted

Since the end of Bleach’s initial run in early 2012, fans have continuously hoped for the series to finish its final arc in anime form. Unlike fellow Big Three series Naruto which was fully adapted, and One Piece whose story is still underway, Bleach’s manga had an unfortunate and rather premature end.

While reports at the time claimed that mangaka Tite Kubo was unsatisfied with the adaptation up to the point, it was definitely not the only reason for the anime’s cancellation. Considering the anime industry essentially functions as advertisement for the manga industry, it’s likely that poor manga sales for the series’ final arc also played a role in the anime's cancellation.

Nevertheless, whether by the continuous and unyielding calls of Bleach fans everywhere or the series’ evolution into a cult classic, the Bleach anime will finally get the ending it deserves.

In summation

Bleach fans everywhere are feeling overwhelming anticipation and excitement ahead of Jump Festa ‘22, and for good reason. The series’ long unadapted TYBW arc will finally receive its deserved culmination at Bleach’s Jump Festa ‘22 panel.

This is incredibly significant for Bleach fans everywhere, as it can now join the likes of its fellow Big Three colleagues by being finished. The longstanding member of the ani-manga family will finally be born anew, hopefully with better quality than Studio Pierrot’s initial crack at the series.

Be sure to keep up with all Bleach and Jump Festa ‘22 news in anticipation of the festival on December 18 and 19, 2021.

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