One Piece Chapter 1037 Spoilers: Luffy vs. Kaido continues, a mysterious shadow lurks over Wano, and more

Wano isn't the first time One Piece fans have seen huge shadows over the horizon,. (Image via Toei Animation)
Wano isn't the first time One Piece fans have seen huge shadows over the horizon,. (Image via Toei Animation)
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Full spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1037 were released today by Twitter user and reliable One Piece leaker @Orojapan1. As expected, One Piece Chapter 1037 continues to showcase Luffy vs. Kaido as the Wano arc approaches its final moments.

One Piece Chapter 1037 also has plenty of other great moments based on the spoilers. The spoilers for this chapter also leave off on quite a mysterious note.

Follow along as this article breaks down the full list of spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1037.

As previously reported, “Shuron Hakke” is the official title of One Piece Chapter 1037.

Based on these spoilers, it seems One Piece Chapter 1037 opens with a perspective of the Fire Festival, which seems to be ending soon. The chapter then goes directly into a continuation of Luffy vs. Kaido, where Kaido drinks sake during the battle and uses the eponymous move of this chapter.

The sake also seems to be making Kaido switch between crying, being sad, being angry, and (as previously seen) laughing during his fight with Luffy. Kaido and Luffy each launch moves at each other, with Luffy’s being a Gomu Gomu no Roc Gatling. This is likely a gatling version of the Gomu Gomu no Red Roc, which debuted earlier in the fight against Kaido.

Perspective then shifts drastically outside of Wano for One Piece Chapter 1037. Fans are taken to the Gorosei’s chambers, where the Five Elder Stars are discussing Nico Robin and her capture. Government warships are apparently near Wano, when suddenly someone reports to the Gorosei that they see a shadow.

The leaks claim the Gorosei respond by saying “it is not possible, that even for them it is a legend” and that whatever this shadow hasn't awakened in the last few centuries. The Gorosei then begin discussing a certain Devil Fruit, whose name they apparently changed to hide “his” true name. One Piece Chapter 1037 then ends by revealing the identity of the shadow lurking in Wano.

#ONEPIECE1037Two additional details given:- The spoilers don't talk about Gomu Gomu No Mi.- The shadow is from someone/something huge.

@Orojapan1 followed up this initial Tweet by clarifying two things; the spoilers didn’t mention the Gum-Gum Fruit at all when discussing the Gorosei and the Devil Fruit they’re concerned about, and the shadow is from someone/something huge. This is significant, as it means whatever this “shadow” is and whatever Devil Fruit the Gorosei were discussing seem to not be related to the Gum-Gum Fruit.

In summation

These One Piece Chapter 1037 spoilers are incredibly tantalizing. Just when it seemed Wano would wrap up without any more surprises, Oda quite literally jam-packed this chapter with as many surprises as he reasonably could.

The World Government’s renewed interest in Nico Robin up to the level of the Gorosei is quite interesting as well. Fans may remember the last time we saw the Gorosei, they asked Im-sama what light they wanted snuffed out. Perhaps Nico Robin is that light, and One Piece Chapter 1037 sees the Gorosei finally obliging Im-sama’s request.

Be sure to keep up with all One Piece Chapter 1037 leaks, spoilers, and scanlations as time approaches the Sunday, January 16, 2022 official release date.

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