PVR decides to debut Your Name as the opening film of the Makoto Shinkai Film Festival

Your Name will be the first movie that will be filmed during the Makoto Shinkai Film Festival (Image via CoMix Wave Films)
Your Name will be the first movie that will be filmed during the Makoto Shinkai Film Festival (Image via CoMix Wave Films)

Your Name will kickstart the Makoto Shinkai Film Festival in India, which will begin on May 19, 2023. This movie is Makoto Shinkai’s most popular work and broke numerous box office records during its run. PVR Cinemas recently took to Twitter to announce the screening of this film for the festival. The Makoto Shinkai Film Festival is a collaborative effort taken by PVR Cinemas, CoMix Wave Films, Japanese Film Festival India, and the Japan Foundation, New Delhi.

The Makoto Shinkai Film Festival will be screening some of the filmmaker's most popular works on the big screen. In its announcement on May 16, PVR didn't specify the regions which will play these films, which could mean that the films will be available pan-India.

Your Name Box Office records across the globe

Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name grossed over 25 billion Yen (approx. 183 million USD) in Japan.

This was the first Japanese film that wasn’t directed by Hayao Miyazaki to cross the 100 million USD mark at the Japanese box office, taking the first spot at the Japanese box office for a total of 12 non-consecutive weekends. This film was an instant success in Japan, and the same trend could be seen in other countries as well.

In China, which happens to be the second-largest film market in the world, Your Name managed to become the highest-grossing Japanese film as it was screened in over 7,000 theatres across the country.

This movie managed to generate approximately 10 million USD across 66,000 screenings on its opening day. This film also held the record of the highest-grossing non-Hollywood film, before being dethroned by Indian films Dangal and Secret Superstar.

Your Name also topped the South Korean Box Office and became the highest-grossing Japanese film until it was surpassed by Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume and Takehiko Inoue’s The First Slam Dunk.

A plot overview of Your Name

The story revolves around a young girl named Mitsuha Miyamizu, who lives in the countryside. Her dream is far different from the life she currently leads. She wished to lead the life of a young boy who lives in a big city like Tokyo.

Taki Tachibana, a young boy living in Tokyo, is a high school student who hopes to become successful in the field of architecture. On a daily basis, he tries his very best to juggle his part-time work and studies.

One mysterious day, Mitsuha wakes up in Taki’s body and lives his life in the big city like she always dreamt. Similarly, Taki woke up in Mitsuha’s body. The two attempt to investigate this odd phenomenon and try to find each other only to realize that the seemingly odd phenomenon is connected and weaved by the fabric of fate.

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