Solo Leveling spin-off to focus on Sun Jin-Woo's son

Solo Leveling spin-off to focus on Sun Jin-Woo
Solo Leveling spin-off to focus on Sun Jin-Woo's son (Image via Crunchyroll)

Additional information about the upcoming Solo Leveling spinoff series was released earlier today by Twitter user and reputable general anime news source, @AniNewsAndFacts. Per the news source, the series is set to focus on the son of mainline series protagonist Sung Jin-woo, Sung Su-ho.

The Sung Su-ho-centric series will also allegedly be entitled Solo Leveling: Ragnarok per AniNews’ post. The post also claims that the spinoff will begin serialization next week, though where the series will be serialized is not specified. While AniNews has proven themselves to be a reputable source in the past, fans should be wary of this info until it is made official.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down this latest news on the Solo Leveling spinoff, recaps previously known information, and more.

Solo Leveling: Ragnarok allegedly set to focus on son of original series’ protagonist, starts next week

Per previous reports, Solo Leveling: Ragnarok is officially set to release on April 10, 2023, and will be written by original series author Chugong once again. Unfortunately, the illustrator for the original series Dubu passed away in July 2022. Real name Jang Sung-Rak, Dubu was one of the most beloved illustrators in the manga and manhwa industries.

The original series took place in a world where Hunters fight dangerous monsters in order to save humanity from extinction. Hunters are human warriors who have supernatural powers. Sung Jin-woo starts the series as a relatively physically weak Hunter, but somehow survives an immensely powerful double dungeon.

After this, something called the System picks him as its single player, granting Jin-woo the rare ability to grow in strength. He can also transform anybody he kills into a faithful servant known as a Shadow. This begins Jin-woo’s quest to learn the mysteries of the dungeons and the sources of his powers, while fighting off human and monster enemies alike.

The series was originally published on Kakao Page, which is a novel provider webpage by South Korean internet-based company, Kakao Corp. While it is presumed that the spinoff series will also be serialized on Kakao Page, this is wholly unconfirmed as of this article’s writing. Nonetheless, it is seemingly the most likely place for the spinoff series to be published.

It’s currently unknown exactly what the new spinoff series will cover beyond focusing on Jin-woo’s son, Su-ho. However, fans are heavily theorizing that the way in which the original series concluded will play a major role. More specifically, it could focus on the group known as the Rulers, who had reservations about leaving Jin-woo on Earth in the mainline series’ conclusion. However, this is purely speculative as of this article’s writing.

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