Suzume English dub cast announced with Nichole Sakura starring

The Suzume English dub cast list is revealed, highlighting a shocking casting choice for the film
The Suzume English dub cast list is revealed, highlighting a shocking casting choice for the film's titular role (Image via CoMix Wave Films)

Crunchyroll recently announced the English dub cast for Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume no Tojimari film on Tuesday, March 21. Especially exciting is the announcement of Nichole Sakura starring as the titular character, with her previous work in the anime industry coming from starring as Haru in Star Wars: VisionsThe Village Bride.”

While it is an intriguing choice to go with a relatively unknown voice actress for the eponymous protagonist Suzume, there’s surely something Crunchyroll saw in Sakura’s performance. In any case, fans are ecstatic to have the English dub cast finally announced for the film, with a release date already having been confirmed as well.

Suzume English dub cast sees relatively unknown voice actress Nichole Sakura shockingly secure starring role

The Suzume film saw its full English dub cast announced on Wednesday via Crunchyroll. While Nichole Sakura as the eponymous lead character is the headline shock that fans are discussing, the overall cast was also announced alongside Sakura’s role.

Beyond her, the English dub cast is as follows:

  • Josh Keaton as Sota Munakata
  • Jennifer Sun Bell as Tamaki Iwato
  • Joe Zieja as Tomoya Serizawa
  • Lena Josephien Marano as Daijin
  • Bennet Hetrick as Suzume (Young)
  • Rosalie Chang as Chika Amabe
  • Roger Craig Smith as Minoru Okabe
  • Amanda C. Miller as Rumi Ninomiya
  • Mela Lee as Miki
  • Cam Clarke as Hitsujiro Munakata
  • Allegra Clark as Tsubame Iwato
  • Abby Trott as Aya
  • Jennie Kwan as Mami
  • Jake Eberle as Shige

Bill Millsap is directing the English dub at Bang Zoom! Studios. Eric P. Sherman is producing the dub alongside Mami Okada and Mio Moroe. Okada is also the casting director. Jessica Peace is the production manager, with Kana Ozaki, April Garner, and Yna Vergara serving as production coordinators. Patrick Rodman is supervising the dub’s sound.

Ben Harring is handing the re-recording mix, and is also a recording engineer alongside Krystal Holmes, Jonathan Brannen, and Kenneth Thompson. Branner is also a dialog editor, as is Matt Wollenman. Ismael Yanez is the audio operations manager. Finally, Christopher March and Samuel Carrilo are the assistant engineers, while Megumi M. Tsuji is the video technician.

Crunchyroll, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Wild Bunch International, and Eurozoom will screen the film worldwide starting on April 12, 2023, with Asia excluded. Crunchyroll is handling North American distribution solely, but is working alongside Sony Pictures Entertainment for distribution in Latin America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Africa, and parts of Europe.

All four of the aforementioned companies will release the film together in French and German-speaking Europe. The film is scheduled to screen in 199 countries and territories altogether, looking to follow up its dominant run in Japanese theaters with similar performances in international markets.

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