Vinland Saga director apologizes to fan for botching season 2

Shuhei Yabuta and Snake
Shuhei Yabuta and Snake (Image via Sportskeeda)

Following the release of Vinland Saga season 2 episode 16, Director Shuhei Yabuta apologized to the audience for possibly ruining their experience due to his decision-making. According to him, some additional scenes were to be included in the anime that was later canceled due to the prioritization of the main story.

Vinland Saga season 2 follows Thorfinn's life as a slave as he works in Ketil's fields after being made a slave by Canute. In this new life, he is trying to repent for his sins as he alongside his new friend Einar tries to make the right choices to one day become a free man and find a peaceful land.

Vinland Saga director apologizes for not including an additional episode on Snake's past in season 2

Screenshot of Director Shuhei Yabuta's tweet (Image via Sportskeeda/Twitter)
Screenshot of Director Shuhei Yabuta's tweet (Image via Sportskeeda/Twitter)

After the release of Vinland Saga season 2 episode 16, director Shuhei Yabuta headed over to Twitter to apologize to the anime's fans over his executive decision. He previously wanted to create a short story that explored the characters' past in addition to the main story.

As part of that plan, he was set to create an episode based on Snake's past and he received information about the same from manga creator Makoto Yukimura. Unfortunately, he had to give up on that to prioritize the production of the main story.

Snake as seen in Vinland Saga season 2 episode 16 (Image via MAPPA)
Snake as seen in Vinland Saga season 2 episode 16 (Image via MAPPA)

He revealed how the premise for Snake's backstory was already decided as part of episodes 16 and 17 in the storyboards. However, when the time to adapt the storyboard arrived, the director was not able to include the additional story due to his lack of ability.

As a result, Shuhei Yabuta was worried that he may have ruined fans' experience, given that the information about Snake's past being animated was released a long time ago.

"All the staff will continue to put all their effort into the production of the main story, so please continue to support Vinland Saga in the future."

Following that, he again apologized to the fans and asked them to support the anime in the future.

Fans of Vinland Saga showed their support for the director following his apology

Vinland Saga fans showered the director with love as they already loved the anime adaptation and had no qualms if the team wasn't able to add any additional scenes. They thanked the director for being transparent about the situation and shared their love for the anime. Moreover, fans said that they are confident that they can expect similar quality in the upcoming episodes of the season.

While fans didn't express any anger or resentment towards the director and his team for not being able to add additional scenes featuring Snake's past, they did wish to witness it and were hoping that the same could be released as part of some OVA or be included in the anime when the Blu-ray and DVD versions of the same are released in the future.