Why is Park Tae-joon’s Lookism anime premiere delayed?

Lookism anime premiere delayed (Image via Sportskeeda)
Lookism anime premiere delayed (Image via Sportskeeda)

Lookism is one of the most awaited South Korean webtoon anime adaptations of 2022, which was initially announced to premiere on Friday, November 4, on Netflix. However, in light of the devastating tragedy in Itaewon, the premiering date has now been pushed back indefinitely.


Following the heartbreaking Itaewon Halloween tragedy, South Korea and the entire world are mourning the loss of many lives. Considering the situation, Netflix has postponed the anime's release date until further notice.

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Netflix hasn't revealed the new premiere date for Lookism yet

About Itaewon’s Halloween tragedy

안타까운 사고로 국가적 애도가 이뤄지고 있는 만큼, 외모지상주의 작품공개를 잠정 연기하기로 했습니다.As we are in a national mourning period after the recent tragic loss, Lookism release date is postponed until further notice. We will update you with a new streaming date.

On October 29, a horrific tragedy occurred amidst the Halloween festivities in Itaewon, one of Seoul’s most popular neighborhoods known for its nightlife. An official statement revealed that more than 150 people were killed during the stampede. Most of the victims were in their early 20s. Prior to the Halloween festivities, Itaewon anticipated the number of visitors to be approximately 100,000.

Has Netflix announced a new premiere date?

It was reported that the anime adaptation of Tae-Jun Park's WEEBTOON, "Lookism", scheduled to premiere globally via Netflix on Nov. 4, 2022, will be delayed indefinitely. New date will be revealed soon.#外見至上主義 #アニメ #Lookism #AnyTube21…

Fans who are immensely excited about the anime must stay patient until the streaming giant Netflix and the South Korean production house Studio Mir come up with a new release date soon. Before the anime adaptation of the webtoon, Lookism received a 38-episode live-action series in China in 2019, featuring renowned celebrities like Lomon, Wayne Zhang, Wang Zi Xuan, and Dino Lee.

Here’s how the official synopsis of the anime describes the story:

“Just like the original webtoon, the story of the animated series also deals with the subtle lookism and materialism present in the lives of people living in modern society.”
400 episodes of Lookism? And the beginning is going to be an anime on Netflix?! Watch the start of Lookism unfold in the upcoming Netflix anime!@NetflixAnime #Lookism #WEBTOON 📖

Moreover, the staff behind the anime have shared their thoughts regarding the animation, storyline, cast, and others. The said:

Just like the original webtoon, the story of the animated series “Lookism” also deals with the subtle lookism and materialism present in the lives of people living in modern society.

The statement further continues:

Unique character designers have breathed life into the main characters of the original manga, giving them vivid voices, dynamic direction and gorgeous effects. Through fascinating episodes with a slightly different feel compared to the original manga, this series will deliver excitement and new discoveries.
What is Lookism Release Date? Things You Need to Know is Here!Park Tae-jun is a South Korean webtoon writer and illustrator. It debuted on Naver WEBTOON in November 20#lookism #releasedate #theshahab #trending

Here's the list of previously announced cast members:

  • Park Hyung Suk: (Before) Shim Kyu Hyuck, (After) Han Shin
  • Lee Jin Sung: Ryu Seung Gone
  • Vasco: Jeong Jae Heon
  • Jin Ho Bin: Nam Doh Hyeong
  • Pyeon Duk Hwa: Hwang Chang Yung
  • Park Ha Neul: Sa Moon Young

Park Tae-joon’s Lookism was published on Naver Webtoon in 2019. The webtoon garnered a lot of praise for exploring the themes of bullying, body positivity, self-acceptance, and more. Due to this, its popularity skyrocketed in no time.

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