Oda confirms One Piece Film: Red will uncover Shanks’ secret that has a canon connection

Shanks will be one of the main characters of this new movie (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece Film: Red)
Shanks will be one of the main characters of this new movie (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece Film: Red)

With less than a month to go before it is released in Japan, fans cannot wait to learn more about the exciting One Piece Film: Red. The film will not only star one of the most beloved characters in the entire franchise, Shanks, but will also be the debut of his secret daughter, the singer Uta.

We know the film will contain information about Shank’s past, as revealed by the trailers that present flashbacks to Luffy and Uta’s childhoods. Nonetheless, many fans were skeptical about this, given that most One Piece films are not canon to the main story.

However, this could all change thanks to a message by the manga's creator, the talented Eiichiro Oda. Continue reading to learn more about what this adored artist said about One Piece Film: Red and its connection to the original manga.

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Shanks’ canon past may be divulged in the upcoming One Piece Film: Red

One Piece Film: Red will mark the first appearance of Uta, Shank’s secret daughter and one of the most popular idols inside the One Piece universe. The film will take place during Uta’s first massive concert on the island of Elegia.

There is not much more information about the film’s plot except for the implication that a tragic event took place in Elegia in the past. Uta is determined to make her fans forget about the pain of the past.

While most of the film will presumably take place during this time, there have also been several scenes in trailers that show Luffy’s and Uta’s childhoods. One of the most prominent examples shows the little kids playing in what appears to be Foosha Village with Shanks’ Red Force in the distance.

What did Oda say about Shanks’ past being canon?

Fans were beyond happy after learning that Luffy and Uta had a past together. If the film was going to explore that concept further, that only meant Shanks' past would be explored as well, considering he most likely took care of them as children.

The red-haired Emperor of the Sea has remained a mystery inside the franchise for a long time, so fans were elated to know they could learn more about this amazing pirate. Some were still disappointed that this information would most likely be non-canonical, like most One Piece movies.

These fears dissipated a few hours ago when it was revealed that Eiichiro Oda, the creator of this iconic franchise, confirmed that One Piece Film: Red will indeed contain official information about the captain of the Red Hair Pirates.

In a statement, Oda said the film might include some very interesting and important information about Shanks' past. This new reveal will directly connect with the One Piece manga, which means that we will most likely see some mention of it in newer chapters.

After the news was made public, fans of the franchise were more excited than ever to see One Piece Film: Red. The move promises to be one of the best events for One Piece fans in recent years, and this confirmation has only created more hype amongst the fanbase.

One Piece Film: Red will officially be released in Japan in less than three weeks, so be sure to keep up with the latest news about this thrilling addition to the franchise.