One Piece Chapter 1035: Twitter goes crazy over King face reveal, Kaido and King backstory, and more

Kaido, the Calamities, and Orochi as seen in the colored One Piece manga. (Image via Shueisha Shonen Jump)
Kaido, the Calamities, and Orochi as seen in the colored One Piece manga. (Image via Shueisha Shonen Jump)

One Piece Chapter 1035 scanlations released today, and the Twitter community is going crazy over the most recent chapter. Nearly every fan on the website is discussing King’s face reveal, as well as King and Kaido’s flashback appearances in King’s backstory.

Many community members are also praising the chapter overall, citing great action sequences and pacing as highlights. Even more have taken to making memes out of off-hand lines present in the chapter.

Follow along as this article covers the biggest, funniest, and most universal reactions the Twitter fanbase has to offer regarding One Piece Chapter 1035.

Caution: This article contains some spoilers.

Twitter on a meme-making spree as One Piece Chapter 1035 showcases King’s face reveal and backstory

One Piece Chapter 1035: Twitter reaction

Astonishing, Intimidating, Mind Blowing,One of the Best character design ever created,Oda nailed it #ONEPIECE1035

One Piece Chapter 1035’s scanlated release today has lit Twitter fans ablaze. Everyone is discussing the chapter, whether by making memes or seriously debating certain moments. The general reaction to the chapter seems positive, with very few making genuine and supported criticisms of the chapter's events. Even more are pointing out the constant amazing designs of right-hand men in the One Piece world.

#onepiece1035One piece fans after King’s face revealed 🥵‼️

One Piece Chapter 1035 was incredibly dense with warmly welcomed information. The most important of which is arguably King’s backstory, which highlights his and Kaido’s meeting in a yet unnamed government facility.

Now I know why King was hiding that handsome face. Imagine King doing this move while unmasked😬#Onepiece1035

An incredibly popular theory going around is that the two actually met in Punk Hazard, where they also met Queen and Jack. It was here the Beast Pirates were formed and the Numbers division of the Beast Pirates taken by Kaido during their escape. The theory also posits that the Onigashima Skull Dome was once the center of Punk Hazard and King flew it away via flame clouds.


One Piece Chapter 1035 also showcased a new style and move for Zoro, likely something which could match the power of his newly coated Advanced Conqueror’s Haki swords. Zoro also has a fantastic panel in which he mirrors Ryuma’s dragon kill, something hopefully setting up more for Zoro down the line.

#حرق_ون_بيس#ONEPIECE1035 My boy look at him now I’m so proud of him 😭💚💚

Also noteworthy from One Piece Chapter 1035 is the official end of the Sanji vs. Queen fight. This supports yet another theory, which seems to claim Luffy vs. Kaido will be over by Chapter 1039. While this is still too far out to be true, the theory’s Sanji vs. Queen end chapter prediction has proven to be accurate, lending further credence to the theory.

In summation

Regardless of what fans were looking for, One Piece Chapter 1035 had something for almost every fan. As Wano approaches its climax and the Onigashima battlefield becomes more and more cleared out, fans are left wondering just how exactly the arc will end.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait a little longer before learning anything further. Having just come off a series break with One Piece Chapter 1035, One Piece and other Shonen Jump series are off, as Shueisha takes a publication break.

As a result, fans can expect One Piece Chapter 1036 to officially release Sunday, January 2, 2022 via various Shonen Jump platforms.

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