One Piece chapter 1037: New spoilers reveal the identity of the shadow

Toei might have left a clue about One Piece chapter 1037 (Image via Toei Animation)
Toei might have left a clue about One Piece chapter 1037 (Image via Toei Animation)
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One Piece chapter 1037 has been getting a lot of spoilers lately, most of them through Twitter user OROJAPAN@orojapan1. In their last post, orojapan1 had revealed most of what to expect from One Piece chapter 1037, as well as the appearance of a shadow. In their latest Tweet, the user has revealed the identity of the shadow, as well as some more key details.

[Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1037 ahead]

New spoilers raise fan speculations about One Piece chapter 1037

Previously, the spoilers had revealed that One Piece chapter 1037, titled “Shuron Hakke”, focused on the fight between Luffy and Kaido. Between hints of a new move from Kaido, and the action sequences of him and Luffy trading blows, the chapter shifts focus to the chamber of Gorosei. As the Five Elder Stars discuss the capture of Nico Robin, someone reports to Gorosei that they see a lurking shadow on the horizon.

News spoilers of ch. 1,037 :#ONEPIECE1037 #ONEPIECEspoilers - The shadow is Zunesha- No Marine appears in the chapter.- What we see are warships with World Government flags, not the Navy.- Zunesha is just behind World Government fleet we saw near Wanokuni a few chapters ago.

The new spoilers reveal that the shadow is none other than Zunesha, who is revealed to have appeared behind the fleet of ships that appear at Wano. The spoiler further reveals that the ships are warships with flags of the World Government, they do not belong to the Navy. No Marine appears in this chapter either.

Considering that in the previous part of One Piece chapter 1037 spoilers, even Gorosei had trouble believing the identity of the shadow, calling it a legend, it would fit that it is Zunesha. On top of being a Naitamie-Norida elephant, Zunesha has been sentenced to wander about for eternity for a crime which has not been revealed in the manga yet.

Many fans have speculated that what Miyagi had guessed about Zunesha earlier, that Zunesha might not be wandering about aimlessly and might, in fact, be looking for a particular location, could be proven true in One Piece chapter 1037. This location is speculated to be Wano.

Some speculate that Zunesha might have come to Wano because of the connection between the Kozuki and the Mink. Others state that Momo is a deciding factor. In either case, if the spoilers are correct, then another layer might have been added to the Wano arc. Perhaps Zunesha’s crime and the purpose with which Zunesha had been traveling the New World, will be revealed in this arc.

One Piece chapter 1037 expected release date

Oda had already announced a break after One Piece chapter 1037. This seems to be an indication that One Piece chapter 1037 will be an action-heavy chapter, which must includes labour-intensive detailing. Either way, according to Manga Plus, One Piece chapter 1037 will be officially available for reading on January 16, Sunday, on and Manga Plus.

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