One Piece Chapter 1057 clears up confusion with Hiyori’s statement

There is a lesson to be learned in waiting (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Viz Media/One Piece)
There is a lesson to be learned in waiting (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Viz Media/One Piece)

Some readers have jumped the gun on Hiyori's statement in One Piece Chapter 1057.

When the full chapter summary was first leaked by Twitter user Redon, fans were caught off guard by a particular moment. Over at the Flower Capital, a storyteller relayed the events of the Onigashima Raid. The entire audience cheered when Kurozumi Orochi finally met his end.

However, due to a mistranslation from early scans, One Piece Chapter 1057 made it seem like Kozuki Hiyori was condemning his entire family, not just the man himself. This stood in stark contrast to the manga's overall message. It turns out that readers shouldn't rely on unofficial translations.

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Official translations for One Piece Chapter 1057 clear Hiyori's name

She did not go after Orochi's entire clan

For context, these chapters are unofficially translated every Friday, while the early summaries are released a few days before. Here is what Hiyori told a dying Orochi in the unofficial translation:

"The Kurozumi were born to burn!"

For the record, the name Kurozumi can be directly translated to "charcoal." This is a direct parallel to Oden's final words, where he was "born to boil." However, in the unofficial translation, the Kurozumi were referred to by a plural noun and not a singular. Of course, this was problematic for several reasons.

Readers only had to wait until Sunday to clear up the confusion. The official VIZ translation doesn't use plural terms for the Kurozumi. Here is what Hiyori really said in One Piece Chapter 1057:

"Kurozumi was born... to burn!"

Clearly, she is only referring to Orochi himself and not his entire bloodline. Some readers were too quick to call her out via social media platforms. They only needed to wait for VIZ Media to translate One Piece Chapter 1057.

Eiichiro Oda did not go back and contradict himself

Franky said it best in the One Piece series. Simply being alive isn't a sin in this series. For instance, Portgas D. Ace suffered greatly, but only because he carried the bloodline of the legendary Pirate King. The World Government is clearly in the wrong for its actions.

Oda is clearly against this close-minded belief. Unfortunately, when One Piece Chapter 1057 was first leaked, many readers believed that he contradicted his message with Hiyori's statements. They were led under the pretense that all the Kurozumi should burn, not just Orochi.

It's safe to always wait for the official translations

One Piece Chapter 1057 presents a major problem in the fandom. More often than not, some people are content with reading the unofficial chapters every Friday instead of waiting for Sunday.

Translators take extra care when translating chapters from Japanese to English as it is very easy for the true meaning to get lost due to the complex Kanji system. Whereas, unofficial translators can miss a few details that change the entire context of a chapter.

Hiyori, and by extension Oda, got a lot of heat for One Piece Chapter 1057. It would be better to never make assumptions until the official chapter is released. Otherwise, there is a risk of reading it wrong.