One Piece chapter 1060: Did Oda reveal the Ancient Weapon Uranus?

Sabo finds himself in another life threatening situation
Sabo finds himself in another life threatening situation (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Viz Media/One Piece)

One Piece chapter 1060 has fans questioning what caused the complete destruction of the Lulusia Kingdom.

Several years ago, Eiichiro Oda introduced the concept of Ancient Weapons in the story. They wield terrifying powers that can destroy the entire world, but only two of them have been revealed in the storyline. Nothing is known about Uranus beyond its name. However, based on some contextual hints, many readers believe that it could've been used in One Piece chapter 1060.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views. It will also contain manga spoilers that haven't been adapted to the anime yet.

Why are so many people talking about the Ancient Weapon Uranus in One Piece chapter 1060?

Here's what happened to the Lulusia Kingdom

One Piece chapter 1060 reveals that Sabo is currently stationed in Lulusia Kingdom. Readers may remember how the Revolutionary Army rescued them back in the Levely arc. Unfortunately for Sabo, his call was intercepted by the Marines, who relayed information back to the World Government.

Imu-sama made a startling appearance in One Piece chapter 1060. After crossing out the kingdom on a map, the scene cuts to stormy clouds over Sabo's locations. An unseen object fires off several laser beams that result in a massive explosion, obliterating the Lulusia Kingdom.

Many fans speculate that Uranus is the secret treasure of Mary Geoise

Doflamingo is a former Celestial Dragon who knows a lot more than he lets on. Back in the Dressrosa arc, he mentioned that Mary Geoise has a "national treasure" that could take over the entire world. Some theorists believe that Uranus fits that particular description as is clear in One Piece chapter 1060.

One Piece chapter 1060 also provides a further link between Imu's attack and Uranus. Keep in mind that Oda named the Ancient Weapons after deities in Roman and Greek mythology:

  • Pluton: Named after Pluto, god of the underworld
  • Poseidon: Named after Poseidon, god of the seas
  • Uranus: Named after Uranus, ruler of the skies

Pluton is somewhere deep underground in Wano Country. Meanwhile, the power of Poseidon is manifested by Shirahoshi, princess of the underwater Ryugu Kingdom. It would only make sense for Uranus to have sky-related abilities. There is a possibility it could also be a flying spaceship.

Dark clouds formed in the sky right before the Lulusia Kingdom was destroyed. If the World Government really did use the Ancient Weapon, they would likely keep it hidden away in this manner. By doing so, it would seem like divine retribution instead of the work of science.

Did Imu-sama really use the Ancient Weapon?

Realistically, there are only two possibilities for the explosion in One Piece chapter 1060. The first scenario involves the World Government using the Ancient Weapon Uranus. It would make perfect sense from a storytelling perspective, for they need more than manpower to rule over the entire world.

Meanwhile, the second explanation is that Imu possesses a Devil Fruit with destructive capabilities. There is a strong themetic resemblance between what Imu did in this chapter and what Enel did back in the Skypiea arc. Some theorists believe they might be connected to a divine race.

Readers can only speculate on what happened in One Piece chapter 1060. Now that the story is finally entering the final saga, the Ancient Weapons will play a much larger role. Oda will have to explain the whereabouts of Uranus at some point. It's the only weapon that's left unaccounted for.

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