One Piece Chapter 1082 (Raw Scans): Cross Guild’s new ship shown in all its Buggy-themed glory as new Revolutionary Army members showcased

Exciting cameos from major players just one of many reasons to get excited about One Piece Chapter 1082
Exciting cameos from major players just one of many reasons to get excited about One Piece Chapter 1082's raw scans (Image via Sportskeeda)

One Piece Chapter 1082’s raw scans were released earlier this week, bringing with an exciting look at the the series’ upcoming official release. While text-based spoilers and raw scan images have been proven accurate in the past, that’s by no means a confirmation of their continued credibility.

That being said, One Piece Chapter 1082’s alleged raw scans do look to be legitimate, painting a picture of an informative and exciting chapter if true. Fans will not only see the Cross Guild yet again, but also have Sabo reappear and being alive at the end of the chapter. What is more exciting is that he seems to be entering an important meeting with Emporio Ivankov and Monkey D. Dragon.

One Piece Chapter 1082 raw scans give fans exciting look at characters not recently seen


One Piece chapter 1082’s raw scans begin in the cafeteria of Marine Headquarters. Here, former Fleet Admiral Sengoku and Vice Admiral Tsuru are seen eating while discussing the recent murder of Rear Admiral T-Bone. The two seem disgruntled by this news when Rear Admiral Hina suddenly approaches and says something, causing both Sengoku and Tsuru to shout out in shock.

The raw scans then shift perspectives to Karai Bari Island, where Buggy is speaking to a sobbing civilian. He’s seemingly paying out the bounty for T-Bone here, with the civilian thinking of the poor living conditions he’s seen and the other Cross Guild members acting chummy with him. Buggy is then told to come outside by a Cross Guild member, where the group’s new ship is revealed.

One Piece chapter 1082’s raw scans reveal the ship to be completely Buggy-themed, with his likeness as the figurehead and the ship featuring several circus tents and circus aesthetics. Buggy is then confronted by Mihawk and Crocodile, who are obviously very angry at the way the new ship looks.

The leading trio of the Cross Guild then retreat to a private room, where Buggy is beaten up by the two yet again for this latest transgression. He seems to be lecturing the two about a memory he has had with Shanks from the day Gol D. Roger died, with Buggy proclaiming something to his partners while crying.

One Piece chapter 1082’s raw scans seemingly portray both Mihawk and Crocodile as uninterested in whatever Buggy is saying. However, before they can stop him, Buggy announces his sentiments to the Cross Guild. The general members begin shouting and cheering in agreement, as Crocodile and Mihawk are shown to be fuming mad.

The issue then cuts to the Kamabakka Queendom, where four new Revolutionary Army members are being introduced. However, without translated text, it’s impossible to tell who they are and what other information is being shared about them. What can be seen is the return of Sabo, confirming he’s alive, which Emporio Ivankov and Monkey D. Dragon are alerted to.

One Piece chapter 1082’s raw scans show Sabo reuniting with the other Revolutionary Army commanders briefly before retreating into a private room with Ivankov and Dragon. The chapter ends as Sabo prepares to tell the two something important, with text-based spoilers showing the topic at hand to be the truth of the Reverie’s events.

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